Goldfish Aquarium Tanks

The best way to keep a goldfish that you can showcase or simply sit and enjoy for hours, is by placing it into an aquarium. A tank like this is a much better option than a bowl for so many reasons. Aside from the obvious aesthetics reasons and how you can make it a focal point of a room, its more prominent size allows for a larger volume of water for your fish to live in. The more water the easier it is to maintain and keep the water parameters at optimal levels. Read the articles bellow to learn more about keeping your goldfish in aquariums.

Ttropical freshwater aquarium with fishes

12 comments on “How to Take Care of a Goldfish in an Aquarium Tank
  1. melanie says:

    I dont know what happened. I once bought 10 little goldfish at walmart with aquarium and everything. It was a 2 gal. Aquarium. They were all doing good until about 2 weeks later I noticed they were all gone and not swimming like they should. I looked and they were all floating. Dead. All at once. What happened. Poor thing. Could it be that my cousins put some guppies he caught in the river in there with them? By the way, all of the guppies died too.

  2. Okieboy says:

    Is rain water a good or ok source to use in a goldfish tank? Ive got some rainwater saved and thought about using it when i change my water. jw if that is ok to use.

    • admin says:

      the chemical make up of rain water can be significantly different than your tap water. If you want to use the rain water, get a test kit and check the ph levels. If they are similar, you can slowly mix in the water. Rain water can contain other pollutants though too so be cautious going forward.

  3. elijah says:

    goldfish flakes are the best tipe of food from my oppenion

  4. Dana says:

    MIL water in the gold fish tank keeps turning hazy. We have the same tank and our has stayed clear for over a month. She is 87 & keeps her house fairly warm & the tank sits near a window, but does not get direct sun. We have changed the water and it keeps happening. What could be the cause. It’s starting to smell now

    • admin says:

      What kind of substrate is in the bottom of the tank? some sandy bottoms can cloudy the water. Is the water cloudy when it it comes out of the tap? You might need to let it sit for awhile. The bright light from the window could be causing the water to grow algae. It’s hard to say.

  5. Katie says:

    I have 3 goldfish but my biggest one has like these green spots near its fins do you no what it could be? if you do can you email me the answer

    • admin says:

      the green spots might me an infection or illness like a fungus but it’s hard to know. I would consult the fish expert at your local pet store and see if they can offer any treatments. You might want to take a photo of it into the pet store. You might be able to get a broad spectrum anti fungal or bacterial treatment.

  6. Lisa Garcia says:

    I need to know what temperature it needs to be in a fish tank? Please respond back. Thank You.

    • admin says:

      Hi, you should make the water temperature about 70*f or room temperature is perfect. Goldfish do not require a heater either.

  7. diwesh says:

    why do gold fishes have white colour patches on their bodies

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