Clean a Goldfish Bowl

If you choose to use a goldfish bowl over an aquarium tank or outdoor pond, you will have to change the water almost daily because all goldfish in general produce a lot of waste and ammonia. By adding a layer of small gravel and a few living plants will help keep the water clean longer.

If are thinking about adding an algae eater, you will need to provide it space to live and grow too. You will also need to keep the water around 77F/25C, which is too warm for for goldfish ideally prefer. For these reasons, don’t add an algae eater. It’s not necessary anyways.

  1. To clean the water take out 50-75% of the goldfish bowl’s water and replace it with clean water that contains no chlorine. You can add a few drops from a dechlorinator to remove any chlorine from the water.
  2. If you are careful and act quickly to do the water change, you can probably leave the goldfish in the goldfish bowl you are cleaning. During this time you can scrub off any algae with a clean rag with no chemicals or detergents in it. We recommend an algae scrubber that you can get from your local pet store.
  3. Lastly and importantly, add a drop or so of water dechlorinator (Read the instructions on the bottle for exact measurements).

Note that a little bit of algae in a tank is a good thing. It adds oxygen into the water and provides a good source of snack food for your goldfish.

how to clean a goldfish bowl

17 comments on “Clean a Goldfish Bowl in 3 Easy Steps
  1. rylie says:

    is it bad if my gold fish turns brown some times. and how big should the tank be

  2. jordan says:

    why does my fish turn black ?

    • admin says:

      It could be ammonia burns, you should do a water change to remove all the toxic ammonia build up. You can also buy a test kit to see when you need to change the water. There is also a product you can buy that helps grow and heal the protective slime coat.

  3. Tina says:

    You may be able to feed your goldfish greens and/or proteins just make sure not to feed them to much and make sure your mom doesn’t go aww they look hungry and she feeds them just tell her that you two have it under control

  4. Tina says:

    I’ve never heard of the rap your tank in a sweater but I recommend having your tank or bowl in a bedroom or another room that it won’t get to cold or hot if there is a large temperature fluctuate take some of the water out and replace it with water of the right temperature Ally you had a great concern and I hope my input will help you out a bit

  5. Ana says:

    In the winters the temperature dips,especially at night.How do i keep my goldfish at a appropriate temperature.I keep the outer glass surface of my goldfish bowl covered with a sweater at night.Is it proper.In the day time i keep the bowl in a warm sunlit room.does this temperature fluctuation harm the fish.Also if i change around 10% of the bowl water with clean water daily and change the entire water of the bowl the next day will it benefit the fish.

    • admin says:

      If you keep your goldfish inside, the temperatures inside the house should okay. Water temps that dip down into the 60s should be okay. The real problem with temperature changes is, if they change too fast. A small bowl will change temperatures much quicker than a large tank or pond. for that reason, I’d say don’t put the bowl into direct sunlight since it might raise the temperature too much. It’s better for the goldfish’s water to say fluctuate around 72-65 in a day as opposed to say 78-65 if you place it in the sunlight. It’s more about consistency so keep the bowl away from drafty windows, heater vents or sunlit windows. Daylight is good but not sunlight. I’d get a thermometer to test the water temps to see where you are at and try to make sure the water doesn’t fluctuate too much from night time to day time. oh and wrapping the bowl with the sweater might help a tiny bit but just don’t cover the opening which it doesn’t .

  6. Angele says:

    I have won five goldfish what is the best size tank I should get ahow much water shold be in it?

    • admin says:

      I assume they are small goldfish that you won at a fair or something. I would suggest at minimum a ten gallon tank with a filter but five goldfish will grow large and will eventually need a larger tank. You might be able to find a used 20 gallon tank on Craigslist or a good starter kit online. If you get anything smaller than ten gallons, you will need to change the water every few days. Buy an ammonia test kit and test the water. if the levels are high, do a water change.

      If you have any friends that wants a goldfish or two, I’d suggest giving two of them away. A few goldfish are easy to care for but five might be difficult.

  7. Stace says:

    What if you do not have time to clean a tank every day?

    • admin says:

      I know, it is a lot of work to clean the tank daily but it’s the only option if you have a small bowl. The best way to avoid that is upgrade the size of your tank. Depending on how small the goldfish are, you might be able to get away with changing the water every other day. I would buy a cheap test kit and test the ammonia levels. If the levels are good, you can go without changing the water probably for another day. best of luck :)

  8. sl says:

    how many times should we feed a gold fish per day

    • admin says:

      I recommend feeding them 3-4 times a day but very small meals; just a few flakes each feeding. however, that’s not always an option since people go to school or work. If that is the case, feed it once in the morning and once when you get home. Only feed them as much food as they can eat within a minute or so. if after that time, remove any extra food.

  9. sujata says:

    few days ago i hav received a pair of goldfish as b”day present..i have a question..may i wash the bowl once in a wk,bec i am a working woman??

    • admin says:

      You might need to change the water more often than that but the best way to tell is by getting an ammonia test kit to check the levels in the bowl. If check it a couple times a week and if you notice that the ammonia levels are high, you should change the water. Once you figure out how many day can pass before your water gets bad, then you can change the water that often. You would be better off getting a larger tank with more water; this means less cleaning as often as a bowl. good luck :)

  10. Wow! this really helped me and my little sister because we just got two goldfish and we have no idea how to raise em but this helped us get on our track. One question : what if you dont have food for your goldfish what else beside flakes can you feed it?

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