Skin Sores on Hamsters

Signs and Symptoms

Skin sore can occur anywhere on an injured hamster but mainly these can be found on the underside of the hamster’s belly, legs, face and scent glands. These sores an be described as open wounds on the surface of the skin. They will appear raw, red and occasionally bleeding.


There are many causes for skin sores to appear on an hamster.

  • If the belly of the hamster has sores and it’s also an elderly hamster, these can be caused by scratchy bedding. Even if your hamster bedding has always been the same, when a hamster gets old, its skin can become sensitive.
  • If the chin of the hamster is covered in sores, it could be causes be a leaky water bottles that runs down its chin or from rubbing it’s face on the bars of its wire cage.
  • If the scent glands of a male hamster has open sores, this could be caused from excessive grooming or licking.
  • A hamster that constantly rubs its face on the bars of its cage can be the result of anxiety or stress caused by a cage that is too small.
  • If the legs of a hamster contains skin sores and you have a metal exercise wheel, the wheel can be the cause.

Treat Hamsters

You can treat a hamster’s skin sores by using Betadine (topical antiseptics), hydrogen peroxide and an antibiotic ointment. a salt water solution can also be used to clean the wounds. To prevent the skin sores from returning: remove the cause of the sores. Remove sharp or abrasive accessories; get a solid exercise wheel without metal rungs; change the bedding to softer material; and give your hamsters plenty of room to run around.

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