Collagen Sticks: A Nutritional Powerhouse For Your Dog

You’ve probably heard the term “collagen” utilized in commercials for human beauty products and supplements. So, what makes this ingredient so valuable in pet nourishment? Pet care is more than just bathing and snapping good pictures of your pet. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your dog receives the necessary … Read more

What Should You Treat Your Dog This Christmas? The Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Dog

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, which means it’s time to start compiling your Christmas gift lists. But don’t forget to get a present (or several) for your canine companion while you’re out shopping for family and friends. After all, if there’s one friend in your life who has always been there for you and … Read more

In and Out: 3 Types of Dog Doors You Need to Know

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Is Bone Broth Good for Dogs?

To answer the question straight off, yes, bone broth is good for dogs! And, as you can imagine, dogs find it extremely palatable, meaning there is little problem encouraging them to eat it. So, what is bone broth? Related to broth and stock, bone broth is the nutritious liquid that remains after simmering meaty bones … Read more

Electric Fence Systems For Dogs

If you talk about a man’s best friend instead of a name, probably an animal pops up in your mind. The age-old cliché still holds today with our furry friends and their adorable mischief accompanying us at every step. However, dogs being uber energetic creatures, it is essential to walk or make them run regularly. … Read more

Pet Health and Safety – What Your Pet Needs?

Good dog breeding starts by providing animal care. Once people buy a puppy, you must recognize that you have been committing to a reliable furry family friend; thank you for their safety and the well. Fortunately, the love and compassion, and delight their pets offer to our lives outweighs the additional duty which accompanies introducing … Read more

Unique Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool on Hot Days

Besides not wanting to see your dog feel uncomfortable, letting your dog get overheated increases the chances of heatstroke. In an event when your dog’s body temperature spikes up, surpassing 106° F, it’s known to be a heatstroke whereby it’s a result of much heat from the present environment. When a dog’s body temperature exceeds … Read more

What Dog Breeds Are Prone to Hypothyroidism

“What is hypothyroidism?” is the first question that comes to mind to any bet owner or lover, especially to dogs. Hypothyroidism in dogs is a disorder in the endocrine in which an underactive thyroid gland produces insufficient hormone levels. This can be caused by the shrinkage or inflammation of the thyroid gland found in the … Read more

Dogs with Long Snouts

Some dogs have longer snouts than others. Here are a few examples of dog breeds with longer snouts often due to natural selection and the characteristics that breeders were trying to produce through the breeding process. List of Dogs With Long Snouts Greyhounds Greyhounds have long snouts and were bred for speed on the track. … Read more

How Dog Wheelchairs Can Improve Your Pet’s Life

Disabled dogs don’t know they’re different and can easily adjust to their situations. Yet, they deserve additional care and attention from their fur parents. Walking disabilities for dogs may result from growth abnormality, genetic disorders, disease, accidents, or age. Nowadays, the chance of a dog to live a happy and ordinary life despite their condition … Read more