Coloring Book Pages of Pet Animals

Here are some coloring pages for your amusement. Feel free to download, print and color any of them as you see fit.


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Hamster Mazes

Maze Building Tips

You can build a hamster maze out of hamster tubes, cardboard tubes or any other random materials you might have laying around the house. Just make sure that your mazes are safe. Be careful not to use any building materials that can injury your little pet. Avoid any materials that have sharp edges that can cut your little pet, objects that can collapse and crush them or any materials that will make them sick if they decide to gnaw on them. Don’t let any nails stick out if you decide to build your maze out of wood. Likewise, don’t use toxic glues to glue pieces together. If you build a maze that is three dimensional, make sure it’s sound and secure so it doesn’t collapse which can lead to injury or death. Even a small fall can break your hamster’s bones. Lastly, never leave your hamster unattended while in its maze and make sure it doesn’t go without water for an extended period of time.

Don’t be put off by all these precautions though; your pet hamsters will love the challenge of this game. A maze is a good way to give you and your pet an activity to fight off boredom as well as allowing it to get plenty of exercise.

Maze Puzzle

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Hamster Pictures

While the purpose of our site is to provide all the information needed for proper pet care, it doesn’t mean our posts don’t have to be entertaining as well. Who doesn’t love to look at pictures of cute fury little animals. If you like hamster pictures, you’ve come to the right place. We have pictures of hamsters of all kinds; doing all sorts of things hamsters do.

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Hamster Eating a Grape Picture
Syrian Hamster Pictures
Picture of a Hamster Being Held
Two Robo Hamsters in a Wheel Picture
Picture of a Dwarf Hamster in an Orange
Russian Dwarf Hamster Picture
Picture of a Hamster Cuddle Pile
Picture of Hamster Standing
White Hamster Pictures

Submit Your Hamster Pictures

If you would like to share your hamster pictures with us, send and email attachment. Feel free to give us a short description about your pics and don’t forget to tell us your hamster’s name. Likewise, if one of these pictures of a hamster belongs to you and don’t wish to have it posted on our site, send us an email and we will gladly remove the pic.

Submitted by Our Users

Cerebro The Syrian Hamster
Cerebro – Syrian Hamster

Hi my name is David, the one in he attached picture is our sweet Cerebro, it’s a Syrian hamster. We have had it for now three months, and his the sweetest pet we’ve ever had. I came across your website and found it very useful for tips and advice. Thank you for sharing it.
He’s got used to us and very tamed now, we won’t shy away from us and he loves sleeping wherever we put him, at night he’s very active, and sleeps all day.
We love Cerebro.

Thank you.

David and Birtan

Photos By: 95129912@N00, Marinaavila, 23516192@N08, xeranas, 23516192@N08, 95129912@N00, zixi
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