This Is How to Raise Chickens the Right Way

In 2018, about 10 million American households raised chickens, and that number continues to rise steadily even three years later.

While taking care of chickens can be fairly easy and rewarding, there are key things to know and make sure you do right.

Keep reading to better understand how to raise chickens the right way!

Know Your Chickens

There are hundreds of types of chickens, and knowing the best chickens for your situation will help you be successful.

Decide if you want your chickens for egg production, meat, or a combination of the two.

How many chickens do you want? Do you have the space?

Take the time to research and choose the breeds best suited to your tastes and situation.

Set Yourself up for Success

Making sure that you have your backyard space prepared is one of the best things you can do to help yourself and your chickens.

Raising chickens requires some basic necessities.

Chicken Coop With Nesting Boxes

You will need at least 4 square feet of space per chicken, and at least one nesting box for every 3 chickens. Make sure there is adequate space for you to get in to keep it clean and collect eggs.

Even with raising your own chickens, salmonella is still a real concern. Keep their nesting area clear of poop. Stirring their bedding regularly, and changing it at least weekly will help.

Make Sure Fresh Water is Always Available

Eggs are mostly composed of water. Fresh water is essential to your chickens’ health and ability to lay eggs regularly.

Using a drip system will keep the water cleaner, be sure to check it daily and refill as needed.

If you live somewhere where the winters are cold enough to freeze water in a dish or dispenser be sure to have a plan for access to fresh, unfrozen water.

Know What to Feed Your Chickens

An essential aspect of chicken care is buying good food with the proper balance of calories, calcium (to produce the shell for the eggs they lay), and protein.

Do your research and find a trusted source for your chicken feed, whether locally or from an online source such as

Keep a Routine

A routine will help you take the best care of your chickens.

Make an effort to feed, check their water, and check for eggs at the same time, at least twice a day.

Physically check each chicken every day for bugs and signs of lethargy or sickness. This routine care will help you manage their health and notice things that may need attention sooner.

Regularly check the enclosure to be sure other animals aren’t trying to get in, and that the chickens haven’t created a hole.

These are simple tasks, but if you do not make them part of a routine they may be forgotten.

baby chicks

How to Raise Chickens Right

If you are providing your chickens with the things they need and routinely caring for them, then you know how to raise chickens right. Care, love, and consistency will help you raise a successful flock and know the rewards that come from taking care of chickens in your backyard.

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