6 German Shepherd Mixes That Are Known For Being Good Family Dogs

German shepherds are known for being confident, good guard dogs, and easy to teach. They are also clever, attentive, vigilant, interested, obedient, bold, and confident, among other excellent qualities. These remarkable qualities make them well-rounded and capable of adapting as both a working dog and a wonderful family dog.

The Golden Shepherd

The outcome of mating a German shepherd dog with a golden retriever is this clever and trainable hybrid. They are loved for their friendliness and easy-going demeanor, as well as the German shepherd’s intellect and athleticism. They are flexible and intelligent, making them a good fit for most households. This dog is typically quite easy to teach because of its high intelligence. They are loved for their adaptation to a family household, with the friendliness of the golden and the trainability of the German shepherd. The retriever dog’s amiable temperament allows them to get along with all family members, including young children, teens, and even tiny pets. Golden shepherds want to be with their owners and cannot be left alone for lengthy periods. These canines are wonderful family pets and will enjoy participating in funny activities with your children.

Alaskan Shepherd

Alaskan shepherd is a crossbreed dog that has the characteristics of both the Alaskan malamute and the German shepherd. The outcome is the large, loyal, and hard-working dog the Alaskan shepherd, which combines the qualities of both breeds. Alaskan shepherds are dogs that are kind, loyal, courageous, protective, and hardworking. They are prone to be devoted to a single person at a time, but new people and dogs are met with indifference and possible aggression. The shepherd’s nature and characteristics make it an excellent watchdog or service dog. It also likes doing tricks, exercising with its owner, and just having fun with him/her.

white german shepherd

Chow Chow

Chow chows are thought to be the cleanest breed of dog. These fearsome yet cuddly-looking canines are one of the world’s oldest dog breeds, going back to ancient East Asia. Chow chows aren’t usually regarded as an extroverted breed. They are wary of strangers and can be violent with other dogs, yet they are loyal and protective of their families. Early socialization, once you decide to acquire this lovely small puppy that you can nurture around your children, is crucial.

German Shepherd Husky

The German shepherd husky mix is a powerful, self-reliant, loyal, and clever dog. This sociable breed, which is half German shepherd and half Siberian husky, is ideal for any household with children and can even serve as a dog guard. This sturdy dog will defend you and your family from harm, making it an excellent dog guard. This dog, on the other hand, is a loving and lively breed that would warm even the coldest of hearts- the ideal family dog that enjoys being around children. While the Shepherd Husky Mix is a sociable breed that is ideal for families with children, his German Shepherd ancestors make him an excellent security dog.

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Corman Shepherd

A hybrid between a corgi and a German shepherd, the Corman Shepherd is a mixed breed dog. These canines received some of the greatest traits from both of their parents, such as loyalty and bravery. They’re also known as German Corgis and German Shepherd Corgis. With proper training and socialization, Corman shepherds may be exceptionally gentle friends and family guardians. It’s a great breed for busy families. As long as the dog is properly taught, this breed’s intelligence and protective temperament might make it an excellent choice for families with children. The Corman Shepherd is a very sociable dog, and many owners appreciate how well they get along with their children. When it comes to strangers or new pets, they may be quite guarded and distant.



The German shepherd and Border collie dogs have a lot of lovely characteristics. Shollie is a cross between a Border collie and a German shepherd. Unlike certain breeds, where the outcome might be unpredictable, Shollies frequently inherit both their parents’ characteristics and appearance. As a result, caring for them takes a little additional effort and patience on the part of every dog owner. The Shollie is a wonderful family dog who establishes strong ties with the people in their lives and serves as a loyal protector. Because the mixed breed is particularly lively and playful, it is not a dog that is well suited to living in a tiny apartment.

German Shepherd breeds are known to be loyal, loving, and protective dogs. Dogs and people can be great friends and having a dog can help families, especially children, develop kindness, understanding, and respect for living things. Dog companionship can improve social skills and care for a pet can encourage responsibility. Hence, spending time with a dog is well-spent time, for it makes you and your family care more and have a different look at the world and everything that lives.

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