Best Dog Breeds for a Family With Small Kids

Dogs have been the best friends with humans since time immemorial. Be it their warm cuddles, deep affection, or immeasurable loyalty, they have proven to be the creatures to spread happiness and love. If you own a pet dog, then no matter how tiring your day has been, you will always come back home to a wagging tail, and that will definitely help you feel at ease.

Dogs are loved by kids and adults alike. They’re easy to take care of, excellent playmates for children, affectionate companions for adults, and can be quite entertaining.

However, there are certain dog breeds that might not mix well with small children. Some dogs are more tolerant than others when it comes to being treated roughly. If you own a small child and are thinking about getting a dog, it may be best to choose one that knows how to behave around children.

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Realistic Expectations

If your child is under five years of age, get him or her used to the family pet before actually bringing home the animal. Bring the dog on walks with them or to the playground where they can get acquainted with pet and your child together.

Small children should not be expected to go near a dog on their own, unless the animal has been well-trained or is very gentle by nature. No matter how loving and patient a dog might be, it may still snap if startled, frightened, poked in the eye, or stepped on.

It’s advisable to choose a breed that is not too big. While some large dogs like Newfoundland can be affectionate towards children, they also tend to be very protective of them. This creates an impression of distrust for people unfamiliar with the dog, who may think it is ferocious and stand-offish when in reality it’s just being protective.

Dogs are classified into many different breeds, and they all have different purposes like watchdogs, toy dogs, etc. Here is a list of dog breeds and their puppy prices by breed, suitable for a family with small kids.


Poodle Puppies

Price: The price range for poodles can vary between $700-$1500, and their miniatures can cost up to $2000.

Size: The standard adult poodle lies between 17-24inches, and the adult toy poodle grows up to 9-11inches.

The body of poodles is often groomed to display a square impression, and they are the cute little toy dogs that are easy to maintain and are safe for the children.


Beagle dog

Price: The price range for a beagle puppy ranges between $500-$2000.

Size: There are two subcategories of beagle, and one of them can grow only up to 13inches, and the other grows up to 15inches.

The large low-lying oval ears can be claimed to be one of the identifications for beagles. They are available in a variety of amusing colors like tricolor, lemon, white and red. They are loving and cute little pets with the most adorable hazel or brown colored eyes.

Pembroke Welsh corgi


Price: You can get a Pembroke puppy for $1000-$2000.

Size: A Pembroke Welsh corgi can grow up to the size of 10-12inches.

Pembroke Welsh corgi is a breed of joyful, cheerful, and strong dogs. Small limbs, strong thighs, and a deep chest are the characteristics feature of Pembroke. P.s. Corgis have the cutest butt (wink).



Price: The price range for a Pomeranian lies between $500-$1500, but on average, you can get it for around $900

Size: Pomeranians grow up to a size of 7-12 inches.

Pomeranians are characterized by their dense coating that runs up to the shoulders and chest. Their capability of alertness and intellect put them into the watchdog category as well. They are an active breed but it is not mandatory to take them on long walks or too much physical activity. Their health can easily be maintained by some indoor activities or short strolls.



Price: You can get a Chihuahua for $500-$1500

Size: Chihuahuas grow up to a size of 6-9 inches

Chihuahuas never fail to attract people with their cheerfulness. They are the small devils seeking attention by their mischievous activities.

There can not be a possibility of people being unhappy around dogs and if you have small children at your home but you still wish to own a dog, you can always choose any breed from the above-mentioned breeds. These dog breeds are easy to handle and offer the same amount of love as any other dog.

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