Characteristics Of Yorkshire Terriers

Today you will not find a more interesting, cuter, and spirited little breed than Yorkies. With their long beautiful coats and great personalities, they make great family pets.

In fact, Yorkies are dogs of great personalities. As a member of the small dog category, they tend to be energetic as well as are known to bark more than some other breeds. As well, you have to know that Yorkies are loyal to people and will surge to the challenge of protecting the family from an aggressive larger dog or any other threat. And for this reason, training is an important protective measure for their own safety.

You have to know that Yorkies do well when they are socialized with children at an early age. However, it is necessary for family members to keep in mind that Yorkies are territorial with their owners, toys, and space.

Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

In fact, Yorkies could adapt to any environment and thus they are great apartment dogs. As well, they can easily travel in cars and their exercise requirements adapt to their surroundings.

The main peculiarity of these dogs is their high-maintenance coat. To ensure that their coat stays healthy and beautiful, daily brushing is needed. As well you have to brush their hair once a week. After bathing, the coat has to be sprayed with a diluted leave-in hair conditioner because that way you can ensure easier maintenance.

In fact, Yorkies do well on any dog food and do not have to be given any table craps because these could cause them to have sticky stools. For adult Yorkies dry food is preferable. At the same time, puppies need to have two wet meals a day, supplemented with dry puppy food.

It is important that Yorkie puppies be watched by hypoglycemia. You have to know that this breed is susceptible to sudden drops in blood sugar levels. And in some cases, this could be carried into adulthood.

Facts To Know About Yorkies

In fact, Yorkshire terriers are small dogs with really great personalities. They are considered to be ideal pets because they are great companion dogs as well as a popular breeds for showing in official competitions.

As a rule, all Yorkie puppies are black in color when they are born. They are a small and compact type of dogs with greatcoat that is soft to touch and silky. In most cases, the coat is long in length and requires constant grooming to keep in its best condition. A lot of breeders recommend that the Yorkie’s coat has to be brushed on a daily basis. As well, it is recommended to wash the Yorkie once a month for proper hygiene.

Yorkshire terriers are a very intelligent dog with lots of energy. All Yorkies have a confident bearing with pronounced upright carriages as well as they have a reputation of being bold-natured. These dogs like having a lot of attention paid to them and are loyal to their owners. Besides, they are affectionate in behavior. For the first several years of their lives, they will more likely be loving and cuddly. However, you have to know that Yorkies could be difficult to instruct and train because of their temperament.

As well, you need to know that Yorkshire terriers are prone to several health issues. In fact, it is recommended to give your dog daily walks as well as some regular exercise. Some of the specific concerns could include cataracts, bronchitis, blindness, bladder stones as well as different problems with the spine, eyes, and bones. Especially you have to pay proper attention to Yorkie’s liver and knees.

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The major concern with Yorkshire terriers is tracheal collapse and thus it is recommended to have regular vet checkups to keep the dog in the best shape. As well, it is necessary to mention that Yorkie puppies have a tendency to low blood sugar levels.

Tips To Care For A Yorkie

If you want to become the owner of a Yorkie, then first of all you need to know about their needs. Unlike other dogs, Yorkies come with their own requirements in care. You have to know that this care could range from vet care right to physical care. You have to keep in mind that Yorkies could be more expensive compared to other breeds. And below there are some of the Yorkies needs:

Yorkie’s teeth

You have to know that Yorkies are prone to have some problems with teeth and in some cases overbites which could see them at the vet more than once per year. This problem is because Yorkies do not shed their baby teeth as other dogs do. As a rule, these baby teeth will not cause any problems in the early part of the Yorkie’s life, but if there are some problems, these teeth have to be pulled out.

Potty accidents

It is relatively easy to understand that the size of Yorkie will determine the size of their bladder. And this could cause several problems during training. The bladder is very small and thus Yorkies find themselves needing to go out more often, especially when they are small puppies. However, with growing up this problem will be eliminated. During training, you could use both indoor potties and outside potties till you feel confident that your Yorkie could stay without potties for a normal part of the time.

Yorkie’s grooming needs

The first thing that makes Yorkies have such a beautiful appearance is the coat they spot. And to keep the coat at its best it has to be brushed on a daily basis. It is recommended to brush the coat with the help of a fine mist of water and conditioner in order to prevent mats that could easily form.

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