Dog-Friendly RV and Camper Travel Accessories

People at Waggle feel that innovation is useless unless it smoothly integrates into our daily lives. Tech must assist us in having a richer perspective of living rather than limiting us. Technology must improve the quality of existence and make it healthier for all of us and our dogs, whether it’s appreciating wildlife and the environment or having quality time with our families, which, of course, comprises the furry family members – our cherished dogs.

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Whether you’re heading on a short vacation to the seaside or organizing a vacation of trekking, bringing your pet along can make your journey even more enjoyable. And, simply as you carry particular items for your excursions, there are specific traveling items for dogs that may help make travels secure, enjoyable, and simple. These dog travel accessories, which range from dog safety belts to traveling bowls, will enable you and your beloved pup to have a nice journey, no matter where you go. Whenever you hit the highway, ensure you test these out to be certain they’ll operate for both you and your pet.

Travel Accessories for Your Next Road Trip

LED collars for dogs

Rest and look at the stars with your fuzzy companion beside the bonfire. Whenever your pet is using any of the battery LED Dog Collars, you’ll not remain unaware of him. In the darkness, your pet should be clearly visible and constantly prepared for another black light pawty.

Every free-range animal visiting an exterior activity or trekking pets accompanying their owners on backpacking excursions should wear this leash. An LED Dog Collar can often be useful for night outings on deserted roads, as it keeps dogs viewable to approaching vehicles.

Dog back seat cover

The last issue you would like to stress over when traveling with the pet in the back seat is scrubbing fur or grime from your vehicle. You may wish to get a pet seat covering to keep the car tidy and, more significantly, to ensure your puppy is comfortable while traveling in it.

Even if your puppy gets soaked, a pet seat cover has 4 layers to keep the vehicle seats sanitary. The cover, which is composed of waterproof linen with an added water-resistant coating, is simply washed with a wet towel or cleaner.

Portable dog water bottle

Making certain you carry fresh, germ-free water that won’t leak is among the most challenging aspects of traveling with a pet. You should use a portable dog water bottle rather than buy a conventional travel dish.

A leak-proof 2-liter transportable water container is designed specifically for a dog on the road, allowing you to have your pet refreshed without needing to take a bulky dish in your suitcase. To discharge water into the associated mug, simply depress the button. You won’t have to stress over your dog getting dehydrated at all.

Dog barriers

If your pet seems to have a habit of jumping into the passenger seats from the rear seats when sitting in a vehicle, a Dog Barrier could be worth a try. Dog barriers keep your pet from jumping into the passenger seats while yet allowing you to move around in the backseat. You may put the scratch-and-tear-resistant covering in the rear seats of the automobile with a dog traveling device. The perforated structure of the barrier enables air conditioning or warmth to pass inside.

Dog travel wipes

If your puppy gets messy when you’re away, finding a location to bathe him is more challenging than expected. This is when these Pura Wipes from Nose to Tail prove useful. These plastic packaged wipes are ideal for traveling because they can scrub, moisturize, and tone your dog’s hair and body.

Booster Seat for Dogs in Cars

This is a must-have tool to bring with you on a lengthy vehicle journey with a puppy if you wish to make your dog comfortable. The dog booster seats are designed specifically for your dog’s convenience.

The dog booster chairs are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate your pets. They can be either backless or have a high back. Car booster seats for dogs are similar to child car boosters. Dog car booster seats are similar to carriers for puppies, but they are more like fluffy padding that enables dog owners to be relaxed when on a lengthy vehicle journey with their pet.

Lab Dog

Waggle’s RV pet monitors have the following characteristics

The RV Pet Monitor keeps track of temperature, and humidity to keep your dog cozy in an RV, Car, and even the house. It includes Verizon 4G cellular data, which allows users to receive real-time alerts. You will get an immediate Text or Email notification if the temperature surpasses a defined range depending on your pet’s individual needs. When your dog is in trouble, it gives out text/email warnings in moments. Your household members (up to 5) can also receive quick notifications. You can use the built-in GPS to monitor your RV.

Waggle’s RV Pet monitors include a rechargeable battery that lasts a prolonged time. Moreover, if the electricity in your RV goes off, the Pet Monitor will keep you updated. The pet monitor lite will last for up to 7 days while the GPS version lasts up to 5 days on a backup. It also comes with remote management applications for Android and iOS.


  • Temperature Alert: Whenever the heat and cold of the Pet Monitor is outside of the acceptable limit.
  • Humidity alert: Whenever the humidity in the Pet Monitor is beyond the limit, you’ll get a humidity warning.
  • RV power loss alert: Whenever the Pet Monitor is operating on backup capacity, the RV Power Loss Alert is triggered.
  • RV Power back Alert: Whenever the Pet Monitor’s power is restored during an RV power failure.
  • Low Battery Alert: Whenever the charge in the Pet Monitor is running short.
  • Network alert: When the Pet Monitor is out of network coverage, it will send you a network warning.

Waggle mobile app

Waggle comes with a built-in Verizon cellular connection so you don’t have to rely on the unstable Wi-Fi networks at campgrounds. You can monitor the temperature, track location, and get real-time alerts without interruption all around the USA.

Using Waggle Pet App, you can track your location and collect badges based on the number of trips you take. You can also set reminders, get daily updates on the best travel destinations, pet care tips for every season, and pet training tips. Most importantly, we have a feature called VetChat, where you get unlimited chat sessions with experienced live veterinarians from the comfort of your home.

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Search for these features in a dog-friendly RV or camper.

Crates or kennels area

Whenever dogs are adequately exposed to crates, they see them as a secure refuge or a spot for rests and time to relax. Whenever you have to run errands, crates safeguard your dog from getting into problems by nibbling on things they shouldn’t or getting out and getting stranded.


RVing is generally a cost-effective mode of transportation, but taking your dog together spares you much more cash. You won’t have to spend on daycare or pet-sitting services. As a result, you’ll have much more funds to invest in things like exploring National Parks or dining at interesting places. And, because the bulk of campsites and businesses permit dogs, it’s simple to locate a low-cost camper wherever you go.

Flooring that is dog-friendly

Spending a good time outside generally entails a lot of muck and filth. Cleaning up after muddy paws and also periodic puking or pee mishaps is simpler with dog-friendly flooring.

Because RVs exist in a variety of forms, sizes, and floorplans, choose one with adequate room for your pet to slumber whenever the people are indoors. Slide-outs and also mobile furniture can aid in expanding the usable area.

Outdoor showers

Although dogs are our closest pals, they are nevertheless animals, and dogs enjoy filthy, stinking stuff. Whenever your pet wants a wash, an outside bath would be your favorite element.

Storage for dog supplies

Ensure your RV has enough storage room for your dog’s meals, collars, kennel, mattress, outside fence, and anything else you’ll require to survive in an RV with a pet.

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