How to Train Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois are superb all-around workers and athletes known for being highly developed to their people. However, training them properly is essential. Here’s what you need to know about how to train your Belgian Malinois. If you want to know about other breeds you can have a look at Tin Dog.


Start Early

The Belgian Malinois is one of the most competent workers in the dog world. These highly versatile dogs are extremely intelligent and able to do a wide variety of jobs.

However, their intelligence can be a downside if you don’t begin training them early. A Belgian Malinois that isn’t given a job to do and regular training from an early age can be destructive and incredibly adept at getting into trouble.

It is never too early to start training your Belgian Malinois. Begin basic training and socialization when your puppy is young to set yourself up for a well-balanced companion.

Provide Plenty of Exercises

Belgian Malinois have a very high level of energy and need plenty of exercises to stay engaged. Trying to train your Belgian Malinois without giving them sufficient exercise can result in a dog that is unwilling to comply.

Don’t mistake this unwillingness to work with you as a lack of understanding or intelligence. Rather, it is important to understand that a Belgian Malinois that doesn’t have sufficient exercise will be unable to focus.

Exercise should go hand-in-hand with obedience training, but when this isn’t possible, it is very important to provide plenty of exercises before you attempt a training session. Good techniques to connect exercise with training is protection work, agility, and active games like Frisbee.

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Consider CBD Supplementation for Anxious Dogs

The Belgian Malinois is extremely attached to their owner. A high degree of loyalty and an unbreakable bond with their human is a breed characteristic. Unfortunately, in some Belgian Malinois, this high degree of loyalty can result in separation anxiety.

CBD can be a safe and efficient way to reduce anxiety in your Belgian Malinois. Be very careful to choose a CBD product with an extremely low level of THC, since higher levels of THC can result in hostile behavior, which is not something you want in a powerful dog like the Belgian Malinois.

Give Your Belgian Malinois a Job to Do

Throughout their history, Belgian Malinois have performed a job. This is one of four sheepdogs that was developed in Belgium at about the same time. While they started as effective herding dogs, they quickly became popular for a variety of other jobs as well.

The Belgian Malinois is particularly well known for its suitability as a military and police dog. These are some of the most agile dogs in the world, able to climb ladders, balance on tight ropes, and make their way over precarious debris. Their agility combined with their devotion to their handler makes them very well suited to difficult and dangerous work required of military and police dogs.

If you expect the Belgian Malinois to be happy in your home, they need a job to perform. This is not a breed that is content to be your house pet. Just about anything can become a job to a Belgian Malinois. If you don’t give them one, you can expect them to come up with one on their own.

Daily complex obedience training combined with agility, sports like dock diving, frisbee, and fetch, and real work like therapy training and herding are all great options. Just about whatever you want your Belgian Malinois to do, they are happy to take on and do well, but you need to give them something to do.

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Socialize Regularly

Belgian Malinois are capable of being extremely protective of their handler and families, which is one of the characteristics that many people love in the breed. However, this protectiveness over home and family can have some downsides as well.

When not properly socialized and taught when aggression may not be appropriate, Belgian Malinois can be unpredictable or aggressive with strangers. Some dogs even bond so closely which one member of the family that they can show aggression towards other members of the family.

Therefore, your Belgian Malinois must be taught to enjoy the company of other people from a very early age. Bring them to lots of different places so they are comfortable seeing and interacting with people in a variety of circumstances. Make sure that everybody in your family or who will be handling your Belgian Malinois trains them and provides positive reinforcement.

Enjoy a Well-Trained Belgian Malinois

A Belgian Malinois that has received sufficient training is a pleasure to live with and able to do just about any job you want them to do. Make sure you focus on training from the time they are young and offer plenty of exercise and socialization and you’ll likely be very happy with the training your dog receives.

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