What Dog Breeds Are Prone to Hypothyroidism

“What is hypothyroidism?” is the first question that comes to mind to any bet owner or lover, especially to dogs. Hypothyroidism in dogs is a disorder in the endocrine in which an underactive thyroid gland produces insufficient hormone levels. This can be caused by the shrinkage or inflammation of the thyroid gland found in the … Read more

Dogs with Long Snouts

Some dogs have longer snouts than others. Here are a few examples of dog breeds with longer snouts often due to natural selection and the characteristics that breeders were trying to produce through the breeding process. List of Dogs With Long Snouts Greyhounds Greyhounds have long snouts and were bred for speed on the track. … Read more

How Dog Wheelchairs Can Improve Your Pet’s Life

Disabled dogs don’t know they’re different and can easily adjust to their situations. Yet, they deserve additional care and attention from their fur parents. Walking disabilities for dogs may result from growth abnormality, genetic disorders, disease, accidents, or age. Nowadays, the chance of a dog to live a happy and ordinary life despite their condition … Read more

Dog Breeds That Are Very Protective

Do you know which dog breeds are the most protective? For centuries, man’s best friend has been a source of security and companionship. With many different types of dogs to choose from, it is important to do your research before making any final decisions. From Great Danes to German Shepherds, many different breeds will keep … Read more

7 Ingredients Your Dog Food Must Have!

The best ingredients any dog food can have are the ones that make my dog healthy and happy. I’m not settling on anything less. However, dog parents usually find it hard to feed their pets something that keeps them healthy and entices their furry friend into eating it, because we all know how most of … Read more

Dog-Friendly RV and Camper Travel Accessories

People at Waggle feel that innovation is useless unless it smoothly integrates into our daily lives. Tech must assist us in having a richer perspective of living rather than limiting us. Technology must improve the quality of existence and make it healthier for all of us and our dogs, whether it’s appreciating wildlife and the … Read more

CBD Oil for Handicapped Dogs

CBD oil is trendy because of the many benefits that it offers. It is prevalent throughout the world because of how effective it is. Users take it because they know that they can get help with addressing both physical and mental ailments. After experiencing the benefits, many pet owners wonder if they can give it … Read more