Why you should trim your dog’s nails regularly

Healthy paws are essential for the well-being of our dogs. They use it to walk, feel the surface, fetch, and run towards you. Taking care of the nails is part of their grooming routine, ensuring comfort in the paws when walking and exploring. Foot care includes shortening the claws. Dog nails are just like ours, they grow and should be regularly trimmed before they are long enough to start clicking on the floor.

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Long nails can curve and fold on the paw pad, hurting your pet. Your furry friend will feel uncomfortable walking as the surface presses his claws against the paws. He could even tear or split a nail, which would injure him badly enough to result in an expensive visit to the vet.

Letting the claws grow also makes it difficult for the pup to get a grip to the ground. The nails lessen the contact between the foot pad and the surface, making him prone to sliding and tripping over objects, since he cannot control his movements properly.

In addition, overgrown nails increase the force on the nail bed, putting pressure on the dog’s toe joint. In the long run, claws may realign your pet’s forelegs joints, leading to serious spine and posture problems that would require surgery to improve the animal’s health and back pain.

If you want your pooch to have a healthy and active life, take a few minutes a week to check his claws, the prevention for all these problems is a simple nail trim. Neglecting nail care can cause locomotion problems to your dog, including limited movements, and back problems. How to trim your dog’s nails

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To ensure a pet-friendly experience, you should trim your puppy’s nails with a nail grinder. It allows you to shorten his claws in quick and short bursts, taking into consideration his sensations and feelings. Dog nail grinders are the only trimming devices that respect a dog’s claw structure.

There are many grinders available at pet-shops and online stores. Consider purchasing one
with the following features:

  • Low sound and vibration
  • Different speed options
  • Changeable heads
  • Safety cover
  • Wireless

The most professional dog nail grinder is LuckyTail, developed for vets and dedicated pet owners to specially meet all the needs for a perfect claw. This device shortens, polishes smooths and gives a round finish to the nail.

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For a premium and easy-to-use device, consider having LuckyTail at home. It’s indicated for pet owners with and without experience in nail grinding. The tool comes with a protective cover and two-speed modes that give you full control of trimming, while also safeguarding your dog’s nails from being over-trimmed. The device is wireless, allowing you to use wherever you want.

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