4 Good Reasons Why You Should Install A Fence

Author: Allen Brown

A fence can serve many functions, not only as a design element but as a security measure. A fence will help keep your garden and yard looking inviting, safe, and clean by providing an added barrier of protection from unwanted pests such as stray cats and dogs. A fence may also be used to protect children or pets from hazardous areas such as swimming pools, ponds, gardens, and driveways that contain sharp objects such as tools and woodpiles. When installed correctly, even a decorative fence can increase your home’s resale value.

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Protection of Pets and Livestock

Pets are one of the most important members of your family, they should be treated as such. One way to show them this love is by providing a safe environment for them to enjoy. A fence will not only keep your pets in but undesirable animals out that may cause harm or dig through their food or water dish. Many dogs and cats often feel insecure if left outside unattended and, even with constant supervision, may try to break free from their leash by digging under or scaling over fences to roam free. Installing garden fencing can give your pet the space they need to relax and play without breaking loose or ruining your lawn.  If you’re not sure which type of fence to install, visit CritterFence.com for more information about fence installation. You can also take a walk around your neighborhood and paying attention to what materials others use, this will give you a better idea of what types of fencing work best in different climates, so you can decide if wood, wire, or chain link is more suitable for your needs.

Installing fencing can also help keep out insects that might otherwise find their way into your home through the smallest of openings. A fence can help prevent strays from getting onto your property, in certain climates, this may become necessary for you to keep up with landscaping or provide outdoor cooling areas for your dog or cat. With neighborhood cats constantly in search of food, if you have a garden, it makes sense to install fencing in order to prevent them from digging around in it while also protecting yourself against flea infestations.


Creating Privacy for Your Home

When designing your home, it’s important you consider how much privacy is needed for each room, depending on its intended use. For example, most living rooms and dining rooms will require a fair amount of open space to compensate the room for social gatherings while bedrooms will need to be designed with enough floor area to accommodate furniture, closets, and general storage. Installing fencing around your garden or pool area will help you maintain this desired amount of privacy by limiting access into designated areas that don’t contribute much to overall home design like alleyways, garages, sheds, and alley entrances.

Enhancing Your Resale Value

When selling your home, it’s important to keep in mind that potential buyers who are looking for their first home may not have the means to prepare one on their own. Even small fences can add value to any home, improving its curb appeal while also increasing the potential resell value, many homeowners decide to buy used fencing before installing it on their property. Used fencing will give you more mileage for your money without sacrificing quality or appearance, which makes this an attractive option for anyone looking to install fencing on either commercial or residential. Fencing is very versatile and can be used to not only serve a purpose but also be a decorative addition.

Another benefit of installing a new fence is curb appeal. Even though it may just be on the other side of your yard, you want others to see how wonderful your yard looks. This is why a well-placed fence can add value to your home simply by increasing visibility from the street and surrounding neighbors.

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Security Purposes

There are many security purposes that people use fencing for, such as locking the family pet in the back yard and preventing anyone from trespassing over your property. You can also use it to protect your growing produce or fresh vegetables from local wildlife. If you travel frequently, it might be wise to invest in a fencing contractor instead of solely relying on a motion sensor alarm system if you want extra security for your home. If you’re going to be away from home for an extended period of time, a new fence can provide that added security and protection for your family, pets, and property. It’s important that whatever type of fencing material is chosen has been installed properly so as not to cause injury should anyone try scaling it or breaking through it together.

If you have a swimming pool, you should consider installing a fence around it, so children cannot wander near it unsupervised. If you have small children at home, then there is nothing more important than their safety. Not only will this provide them with added protection, but it will act as an additional psychological barrier if they get too close to the edge of your pool area.

Installing a fence can bring added benefits to your home that you may not have considered. By properly planning where and how your fencing will be installed, it can provide security for children, pets, pool areas, and additional privacy behind the front of your home. A lot of homeowners choose not to install their own fences but instead hire professionals who have years of experience installing different types of fences and if installed correctly, your neighbors might even ask you about the types of fencing materials you’ve used, so they too can improve their homes too!

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