5 Awesome Custom Pet Art Ideas

Many people find that they enjoy giving gifts more than they enjoy receiving them. This is perfectly natural behavior, as we feel satisfied and recognized when someone appreciates a gift that we select for them. This is one of the reasons why pet art is so popular, as it can serve as a sentimental and meaningful gift for our friends and family. Pet art comes in many different shapes and forms, some of which we will be discussing below.

Happy Dog

#1. Framed Pawprints

Pawprints are very significant to many people, as they represent a pet who has left an imprint in their lives in some way. To create this, you can either use pet-friendly ink and press the paw onto a sheet of paper, or you could take a photo of the paw. With the ink, it may be harder to do this without alerting the owner, so you could do it when you are alone with the animal, perhaps for pet-sitting.

If you choose the photo route, try to avoid having any fur in between their paw pads and make sure the camera is about 10 inches away. Then you can upload the picture to a custom pet art website, and they will deliver the finished product a short time later.

#2. Pet Portraits

Cat or dog canvas art may be the perfect gift if your friend is a painting enthusiast. A custom pet artist might use oil paint, charcoal, watercolors, pencil, or acrylic paint for the portrait. There are many customizations you can make depending on what you think the recipient might enjoy. For instance, you can choose to have the pet painted into a costume of some kind, or you could request that the portrait take the form of a cartoon style.

Creating a pet portrait is easy! Take a nice photo of the pet, or use an existing one that you know the owner loves. Then you can upload it to a pet portrait website. Take the time to do some research about the website first, as the artists will have different styles. Depending on which artist you go with, you may be able to use a photo that has multiple pets in it. This would make the gift even more meaningful.

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#3. Pet Photo Shoot

Organizing a photoshoot for your friend or family member and their pet is a great gift, and they are sure to appreciate it. The photoshoot could be for the owner(s) and the pet, or just the pet by themselves. Having a professional do the work is sure to yield a better result than the typical blurry cell phone picture that most pet owners take.

It may be difficult to have the pet cooperate during the shoot, so make sure you include some tips for the owner with the gift:

  • Keep the pet calm by speaking in a slow, steady voice
  • Make sure the pet eats before the shoot
  • Do not rush anything. The photographer will wait for the perfect shot
  • Scheduling the photoshoot to be in a familiar place, such as the owner’s backyard, may help the pet to relax

#4. Custom Pet Puzzle

If your friend or family member enjoys puzzles, this may be perfect for them. Seeing their pet’s face come together as they put together puzzle pieces is a fun activity that they can enjoy with their family. Depending on the difficulty level that you are looking for, it will typically come with anywhere between 30 and 1,000+ pieces.

You can even add text to the puzzle in addition to the picture. You could add the pet’s name beneath their photo or an inspiring quote. Similar to most pet art, all you will have to do is upload a photo of the pet to a printing website. You can make your customizations on the site, and they will create the final product.

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#5. Custom Embroidery Hoop

Embroidery is another way to display pet art in a home, and you could arrange for an artist to create a design featuring your gift recipient’s pet(s). Typically, these are customizable to fit your desired size, color, and hoop shape.

If you want an alternative gift, you could order a customized pattern and purchase the embroidery kit as the gift. Then, your friend or family member will be able to learn a new skill and watch their pet come to life through their embroidery, which they may enjoy more.

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