The Covid 19 Pandemic and Its Impact On Pets

The Covid-19 Pandemic has not only proven to be detrimental but has withstood alterations in the way humans have led their lives all these decades and consequently earned a livelihood. Riddled with the obstreperous cries of mourning and bereaved families, the constant deficiency and shortage in provision of the dire minimum medical equipment, the World is trying to curb the spread of the virus while ushering in a new climate of uncertainty.

Pets and humans- a complex relationship

With the increasing cases of the novel coronavirus, people all over the globe were turning to adopt pets for enduring this challenging time in the history of mankind. As people remained stuck at home for more than a year, a significant surge has been recorded worldwide for fostering pets, particularly dogs. As pointed out by PetPoint (involved in collecting industry data on pet adoption), the number of foster pets in U.S. homes expanded by 8 percent between March and September 2020.

From reducing blood pressure to conquering the lockdown stress, pets provide us with numerous health benefits. According to J.Bowen, whose study also appeared in the Journal of Veterinary Behaviour in May 2020, along with other researches portray that dogs do have emotions and can absorb the feelings of their owners. Therefore, humans found it supportive and friendly in adopting a pet and leading a life in isolation with them.

When the coronavirus pandemic took hold of us, the world became scary, and relishing companionship with other humans became impossible, especially for the people living alone; many people fostered pet animals as a means of solace. There is a different kind of safety with animals,  and that humans not just needed to be loved but needed someone who demands constant love.

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Abandoning the pandemic pets

Pandemic pets were brought up with extreme love and care, constant human interaction, and devoted attention. Whether having all-day cuddling sessions or forcing humans to take mini breaks from their online meetings while looking at their innocent faces, pandemic pets loved the attention and presence of people.

However, with the growing availability of the Covid-19 vaccine, people started resuming their social lives. The unconditional love that these pets brought in the lives of humans had to face an uncertain fate. The headlines of USA Today mentioned, “Everyone wanted a puppy when the pandemic began, but now those dogs are being returned.” Brenda Barnette, the general manager of Los Angeles Animal Services, specified that it is petrifying and distressing to imagine accommodating all the animals who have been part of a family, as people have started to abandon them.

People are moving away from their long hours of comfort, making situations difficult for the pet animals. Animal shelters have become quite an issue for pet owners; they have failed to focus on these pandemic pets that have deprived them of necessary love and care.

Also, it is heartbreaking to read the news that mentioned bags of kittens left on the doorsteps of houses in Dallas as the animal centers are running out of maximum capacity. On the other side, pet sitting businesses are reaching heights trying to accommodate the spike in demand induced by the surge of new clients.

The veterinary clinics are all booked up, and the workers are overwhelmed with the increasing pressure of work. Pet owners are frustrated and disturbed because of the long waits for the appointments, and staff have to bear the brunt. The increased demand for pandemic pets combined with staff shortages have amalgamated to give rise to high levels of burnout in this line of profession. The veterinary clinics across North America are witnessing staff burnout, along with long waiting times for scheduling appointments and many other significant problems.

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Why should you vaccinate your pets?

It is crucial for you as a pet owner to ensure that the vaccinations are taken at a given time to protect your pets from unnecessary diseases. Vaccines help to keep the dangerous infections away from your pets; they develop the immune system so that your pet can defend itself from any intrusion of disease-causing organisms. The vaccines contain antigens that mimic disease-causing organisms in a dog’s immune system without causing harm or diseases in real life.

Vaccinations protect the pets and the owners from the transmission of zoonotic diseases from animals to people. If your house has elderly or young kids, it is significant for you to vaccinate your pets to reduce the risk of human infection. One of the most prevalent diseases is Rabies. Contracting this disease causes neurological problems in animals and people and often leads to the death of animals. Therefore, you must vaccinate your pets against rabies, even if your pets always stay indoors.

Pet parasites are often zoonotic as well. Hence, even if you choose to vaccinate your pet against parasites, prevention protocols are a must for pet owners. Pets can invite fleas and ticks, which brings unnecessary troubles such as Lyme disease. Though ticks can spread several diseases among your pets, Lyme disease can cause low blood platelet count, joint disease, pain, and nervous system complications.

Protect your pets from life-threatening diseases

Prevention is better than cure. Hence, it is always better to vaccinate your pets properly on schedule periods rather than investing in the treatments. Also, veterinary vaccinations are comparatively low cost when compared to the cost of the treatment.

Canine Parvovirus and Feline Panleukopenia (FPV), and Distemper are the two most life-threatening diseases but are preventable with vaccinations.

Caused through the feces of an infected animal, Parvovirus is a contagious viral disease that affects the intestinal tract, white blood cells, and even the heart muscle. Such a disease can kill an animal if untreated, and vaccination is the only way through which you can protect your dog from contracting parvovirus.

Even cats can be a victim of FPV through their stool, urine, and nasal secretions. Your cat can contract the infection if susceptible cats come in contact with the secretions, or even the insects can spread the disease from the body of the infected cat. Therefore, vaccination is a must as the virus is everywhere in the environment.

Another life-threatening virus that you must know about is the Canine Distemper. Puppies born to an unvaccinated mother have to take the brunt of such a virus. Even a healthy pet animal can get infected if in direct contact with an affected dog. However, vaccination can prevent such diseases completely.

Choose Low-cost mobile pet vaccination clinic to save time and money

Low-cost mobile pet vaccination clinics are available now in every corner. Such clinics and community organizations arrange these infirmaries every weekend to allow busy families to secure time for their pets and invest in their vaccination drives.

With PennyPaws, avoid standing in long queues and creating problems for your pets. You need no appointment, but having one can help you skip the line. We will suggest you make an appointment if you are already having a busy day. They even carry cold water for pets and their owners during hot and sunny days. PennyPaws offer accessible basic health care needs for cats, dogs, kittens and puppies as well. Legally vaccinate your pets against highly contingent feline and canine diseases such as rabies, heartworm disease, nails trimmed, microchip, etc., with PennyPaws. Also, they can administer properly prescribed medications for your pet to prevent flea/tick infestation and heartworm disease.

It is worth mentioning that it takes time to develop immunity after a vaccination process. Hence, vaccinate your pets as soon as possible without waiting for the outbreak to occur. Save the happiness of your pets by ensuring them a healthier life.

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