What Pet You Should Have Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Pets are one of the world’s cutest creations, and like all cute things, there exists one just for you. Did you know that your zodiac sign can tell you a lot about the type of pet that you should own? If you didn’t, let’s guide you through which pet is the right one for you. For example, Pisces and Aquarius zodiacs can benefit from having exotic pets as well as sheltered ones.

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Now, let’s see which pet is ideal for your zodiac sign.


Aries have a higher level of energy than most zodiacs and can be quick and competitive as well as eager and dynamic. The perfect companion for this zodiac is a Dalmatian dog, which has an equally high energy level and can entertain its owner for hours.


golden hamster

A Taurus can be dependent and mellow, so they’ll need a pet they can snuggle with without requiring much energy. Tauruses can benefit from having a cuddly companion such as a hamster, which can be super sweet and easily maintained.



Gemini has a variety of tastes, so it’s important they’re matched with pets that can provide that variety. For example, they could enjoy having a colorful chameleon that can match their outfits as well as their changing environments.


Cancers are known for being intuitive, sentimental, and compassionate. It’s because of this that bunnies make perfect pets so their houses can truly feel like home.


why not to own a parrot

Leos are known to be fierce and exotic, so they’ll want a pet that can represent them just as well. Parrots, with their flashy colors and exotic backgrounds, can make the perfect pet for this attractive sign.


blue acara fish


Virgos love being organized and clean, so a pet that can make things messy such as a cat or a dog is no match for them. Instead, Virgos can make the best roommates with fish due to the low levels of maintenance and simple shelters.



As the truest romantics of the zodiacs, Libras embody sweetness and beauty. This makes them the perfect friends for lovebirds, who are equally loving themselves.


python snake

Just like snakes, Scorpios can have mysterious yet emotional sides. Not to mention, they both have an eerie beauty that helps them stand out among the crowd in the most unique ways.


Husky in Snow

Sagittarius is known for being adventurous, going on hikes, and being outside in nature. This is why they will benefit from having a Siberian Husky dog who could make the greatest—and cutest—hiking partner ever.

Capricorn—Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig

The friendliest of the zodiacs needs a companion that can be just as friendly. Guinea pigs make the perfect pets for someone who can appreciate a nurturing friendship such as a Capricorn.

Aquarius—Hermit Crab

hermit crab

Aquarius longs for security for themselves and their family, especially when they’re feeling vulnerable. This is why a hermit crab, a cute crab that carries its home on its back, would make the perfect pet for this zodiac.


cat lounging outside

Pisces may have old souls and can be dreamers, romantics, and intuitive. Their quiet and smart nature makes them the perfect partner for cats who enjoy the silence as much as they do.

Have fun choosing a pet based on your zodiac sign to begin a friendship that will last a lifetime.

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