Why Should You Have Your Own Roach Colony

You are probably here because one or more of your pets feed on dubia roaches. In fact, these roaches make nutritious meals for pets ranging from almost all reptiles, certain amphibians, fish, birds and even inverts!

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It can be a hassle to drive down to the pet store to get roaches every other week or change the number of your online orders accordingly. Due to the constant supply that you need, you may be pondering whether to build your own dubia roach colony. There are numerous advantages of breeding roaches in the comfort of your own home. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

You Don’t Have to Go to Great Lengths to Keep Them Healthy

These roaches have little fat and chitin but just the right amount of proteins, minerals, and calcium. Due to their fleshy bodies, your animal will consume a larger percentage of nutrients per roach compared to other feeders. They are not only easy to breed, but they breed quite quickly.

They survive in the most basic lighting and temperature settings. For breeding, you will need a heat source. There are plenty of trusted resources on the Internet that will answer just about every query you have about breeding your own dubia roaches. If you do your research and are confident about what you want, there will not be many issues.

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You Will Be Self-Sufficient with Healthy Feeders

It is fairly easy to buy dubia roaches from the store. However, you need to take care of them and feed them till they are served as a meal. When you breed dubia roaches yourself, you will be the one ensuring that they are well-nourished. This means you can also figure out how much they will nourish your animal.

You won’t face any interruption transporting them from the shop to your home and thus can continuously ensure their well-being throughout their lifespan. They will breed and create offspring, and you will never run out of roaches to feed your animal. Due to a varied diet, they are likely to be more nutritious than store-bought ones.

Your Home Will Be Noise and Scentless

Dubia roaches are completely noiseless compared to hissing cockroaches or chirping crickets. They do not squeal or squeak and will maintain the tranquility of your home. The only sound you may hear is a crunch, but that will be of your pet enjoying its meal!

Dubia roaches lack any odor. However, the food you feed them may stink. There may be residue left of their meals or carcasses of their buddies who passed away in their enclosure causing a smell. Most dubia roach breeders have not noticed any smells, so if your nose detects anything, make sure to check if something’s up.


You Will Have Full Control

Dubia roaches come in all sizes, and grow up to 2” from ¼” long nymphs. For crickets, dozens need to be fed to an animal such as a reptile, whereas due to the variety of dubia roaches, you can feed your animal just a couple. If you breed dubia roaches, you will also have access to them in various stages of growth. This can be wonderful, as you can grab whichever roach is suitable at that moment.

You can use the smaller nymphs to satiate the hunger of your smaller animals. If you decide to get a new animal, you won’t have to customize your order at the shop. Rather, you can just walk over to your dubia roach colony and pick out some roaches for your new buddy’s first meal with you.

Your House Won’t be at Risk of Being Infested

Dubia roaches’ movements are on the slower side. They can’t fly or climb slippery surfaces such as glass or plastic. This means that they can’t get out even if their home does not have a lid unless you spill them or knock their enclosure over. If something does cause their escape, they will likely look for warm places and stay on the floor. Since they require very high temperatures to breed, 90 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact, the only place they can extend their family lineage is below your fridge.

However, it will entirely depend if the escapees are either already pregnant or a male and female together! So all in all, even if they manage to obtain a stroke of luck, you can imagine that it won’t be an infestation like that of common cockroaches.


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To Sum It All Up

If you have read this far, you should already be ordering a starter colony online. Just kidding—you should first read up on how to take care of dubia roach colonies and weigh all the factors to determine which one you should choose before confirming your order!

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