3 Benefits Of Owning A Dog Treadmill

Training your dog is essential to keep them fit and healthy. With proper exercise, like humans, their entire wellbeing becomes better. If you engage your dog in daily activities, they can work on their reflexes, release mental stress, and keep them in shape. Going out for a walk with your dog is an easy way … Read more

5 Winter Accessories You Didn’t Know Your Animals Need 

Wintertime is usually the favorite season of everyone as most special holidays happen during these times. There’s thanksgiving, Christmas, and new year. While these put everyone in a joyous and festive mood, your pets might not enjoy the cold weather as their bodies can’t handle extreme temperatures. During wintertime, you should look after your animal’s … Read more

How To Choose The Right Cat Tree For A Cat

Cats are one of the traditional choices for a pet, next to dogs. Lots of households love to have these cute, furry felines as a live-in friend. They may be mischievous at times or tend to climb on things where they’re not supposed to be and enjoy smacking things off tables or shelves for no … Read more

Benefits of Stall Toys for Horses

A horse can enjoy many benefits from having toys handy to keep them entertained when stuck inside, including promoting mental health, training enrichment, and alleviating boredom. Horses are herd animals, genetically programmed to spend their days walking and grazing, not standing alone in a stall. Stall toys can provide light exercise and play, which benefit … Read more

Canine Joint Health: 5 Ways to Support Your Aging Dog

Joint health is a hot topic among pet owners—considering roughly one in five adult dogs suffer from joint pain or mobility issues. One of the most commonly diagnosed orthopedic diseases in dogs? Much like with people, it’s osteoarthritis. There’s a sturdy capsule that surrounds joints that contains fluid and cartilage to cushion the bones and … Read more

Should You Install a Dog Door?

One of the many problems homeowners have with their pets is assisting them through the door whenever they want to get in and out of the house. The best solution to ease the owners’ task and allow the pets to move about freely, is to install a pet door that leads to the front or … Read more

Dog & Puppy Containment Systems

Our dogs are our family and most of us treat them like our children.  Guilty!  In loving them as much as we do, we want to protect them and keep them safe from harm.  Whether it is on the home front, throughout the daily routine, or out and about traveling, we want to ensure their … Read more