Choosing the Best Chicken Starter Feed to Grow Healthy Chicks

One of the top concerns new chicken owners always have is choosing the best chicken feeds for their fluffy newcomers. With so many chicken feed choices on the market today, you can easily get confused and choose the wrong feeds.

As a chicken owner, it is only natural that you will want the very best starter chicken feed for your chicken. That’s why every chicken keeper always searches for the healthiest chicken feed available. If this is you, then you have come to the right place.

Chicken Starter Feeds are Not Created Equally

Besides seeking a healthy feed choice for your chicken, you also don’t want to end up wasting feed and money.

Different poultry feed providers use different products and supplements. Consequently, this leads to a difference in their feed quality.

The first thing you notice when comparing Starter Chicken Feed is their appearance. They come in scratch and peck, organic, and whole-grain options. The whole crushed grains are great, with a clean ration. You also want a starter chick feed that smells fresh.

Your chicks and chicken will rush to their feeder and enjoy every taste of the whole grain, raw, unprocessed feeds. Your feathery friends will rush to the feeder every time they see you make a refill because they love their meals.

What Does a Starter Chicken Feed Offer?

Starter chicken food consists of a balanced mixture of the chicken’s natural diet using plants and insects. It offers protein, fats, and carbohydrates along with balanced minerals and vitamins. The high-quality food allows your fluffy chicks to get balanced nutrition without any products they don’t need.

Eating foods closer to their natural state allows your chicks to digest their feeds easily while getting a dose of all the healthy nutrients for their growth.

Long-Term Benefits of Using Starter Chicken Feed

Every peck of the starter chicken feed is purposefully packed with grub protein and healthy fresh-farm ingredients that your furry friends naturally love. But besides feeding your chickens these highly nutritious treats, you enjoy numerous other benefits.

Chickens that have the best nutrition grow to be healthier and more resilient to diseases as they mature.

Other significant benefits of giving starter feed to your chickens are:

  • Stimulate gut development
  • Increase nutrient absorption rate
  • Condition your chickens for the arrival of any subsequent diets
  • Boost immune system in chicks
  • Support healthy egg production
  • Help feathers grow back after molting

Naturally, there are many benefits to giving your chicken starter feeds. You have the chance to feed your feathered friends the way nature intended again. And they will return the love many times over.

Nutritional Requirements of Starter Chicken Feed

The protein percentage of chicken starter feed is 19% or higher, which is necessary for optimal growth. Also, it is crucial to look at the ingredients listed in the feed. In chicken starter feeds, the organic ration of the first ingredients are often peas, barley, wheat, and flaxseed meal. On the other hand, the less expensive rations have high concentrations of corn.

A higher calcium percentage isn’t necessary for chicks and may even be hazardous to their health. For one, too much calcium may put too much strain on their kidneys and accelerate their bone growth. This will eventually lead to weaker bones causing other complications.

The Cost of Starting Your Chicks on Starter Feeds

Yes, you would spend more for the initial investment. Feeding your chicken starter feeds can be costly, pound for pound. However, the benefits will outweigh the expenses many times over. For one, you will have a healthy and resilient flock.

Your brood will also be hardier. Even your older laying hens will look robust and continue producing. You will also see less waste in the bowls because your chicks will have their favorite meal on the menu.

Your chicks will get their nutritional needs met from less feed. So, you don’t have to overspend on more feeds. You never have to worry about digestive tract issues like sour crop, vent gleet, or messy poop butts.

Perhaps even more important is that you will worry less about the loss of life because of failure to thrive.

Starting your chicken on starter feeds is a great way to increase the availability of the necessary nutrients in their meals. Ultimately, this will save you money.

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Support Your Chick’s Fast Growth with the Best Nutrition

As your chicks continue to grow, you will notice quick transitions in their bird bodies. When feeding your fluffy newcomers with the best starter feeds, you’re essentially providing them with the nutrition they need to grow healthy and strong. Being as the FDA regulates animal feeds, it is important that you provide your fluffy birds with the best starter feeds available.

And healthy chicks feed on high-quality premium feeds from the first day. Providing your chicks with the best nutrition helps them grow strong and healthy through all the development phases.

Raise those babies right by providing them with the best high-quality feeds they need to grow. Choose the right feed choice that can help your chicks mature into happy and healthy adult chickens.

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