6 Tips To Train Your Temperamental Dog Safely 

  Is your dog headstrong and aggressive? Does the pet always do things its way, no matter what you try to teach? Are they always getting into mischief? If so, you’re not alone. Many dog owners struggle with training a highly aggressive dog, but there’s hope. However, understand that different breeds come with different challenges. … Read more

What is a Good Companion Animal For a Horse?

A man can quickly become a horse’s best companion and build a relationship comparable to humans and dogs. However, this kind of relationship is only possible if the horse has been appropriately trained. But, naturally, you can’t always be there for your horse, so do you need to get an animal companion for a horse? … Read more

Tips To Housebreak a Chihuahua – 3 Easy Ways For a Pleasant Chihuahua Training Experience

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Horse Bonding Advice Beginners Can Rely On

Whether you are a seasoned equine lover or only a beginner, horse bonding is perhaps the most crucial part of the journey. You cannot ride comfortably and safely unless you share a good bond. It takes a lot to connect with the animal, specifically if you are a first-timer. You may have some apprehension, and … Read more

Are German shepherds good with kids? A Comprehensive Guide!

Yes, German shepherds are very good with children. They are a well-known “family dog” and are often recommended for families with kids. German shepherds are very intelligent, loyal, and protective. With the proper training, they will become perfect family dogs. If you’re thinking about getting a German shepherd as a family pet, this article will … Read more

What Are the Calmest Dog Breeds?

Although high-energy pets aren’t suitable for every family, several well-behaved, quiet dog breeds are available. A quiet breed does not always imply a passive breed. These rambunctious dogs are up for everything, yet they know how to behave while they’re out on walks with you, visiting dog-friendly pubs, or accompanying you on your vacations. When … Read more

What Makes A Good Therapy Dog For Teens and Kids?

“As we learn more about how human-animal interaction can reduce stress and anxiety, we think [pet therapy] might be a really interesting cost-effective method of helping students’ mental health.” said an assistant professor at Tufts University Megan Mueller, who has conducted research on the benefits of pet therapy. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) … Read more

5 Tips To Stop Your Dog From Chewing Things

Chewing is a natural habit for dogs like cats love to scratch. Dogs chew on things as a way to clean their teeth, alleviate stress or make use of all their extra energy. However, dog chewing can quickly turn into a destructive habit. It is quite frustrating to find that your pup has chewed through … Read more

Can Dogs Live With Other Pet Animals?

Can dogs tolerate being with other pet animals or birds? This question often arises when the current dog parent plans to adopt a non-canine pet or vice versa. If you too have been planning to add a new member to your family and are anxious about the response of your dog, keep reading this post … Read more

What to Do if You Think Your Cat is a Bully

There’s a lot to say about cats and their personality. Much like dogs – they’re all different. However, one personality trait that seems to reign true for most cats is their sassy and independent ways. Some cats love nothing more than to snuggle into your lap, but that same cat will demand their alone time. … Read more

Dog Breeds That Are Very Protective

Do you know which dog breeds are the most protective? For centuries, man’s best friend has been a source of security and companionship. With many different types of dogs to choose from, it is important to do your research before making any final decisions. From Great Danes to German Shepherds, many different breeds will keep … Read more

Do dogs experience anxiety and how can it be cured?

As festive seasons are right around the corner, you may notice your dogs appear a little stressed or worried. This behavior is a sign that they are perhaps intensely triggered. One may try to relieve this anxiety by petting them, holding them, or wrapping them in anti-anxiety clothing, but often these acts may not be … Read more