Why Does My Cat Bring Me Toys?

If you are a proud cat owner, you’ve probably experienced the delightful surprise of finding a collection of cat toys at your feet. Whether it’s a soft mouse toy, a wrinkled ball, or a fuzzy feather, cats have an intriguing habit of bringing toys to their human companions. This peculiar behavior has puzzled and charmed cat lovers for generations. 

In this article, we explore the fascinating reasons behind this endearing act of gift-giving and the possible explanations for your feline friend’s playful offering.

Instinctual Hunting Behavior

Cats are natural-born hunters, and even though their domesticated lifestyle has lessened their need to hunt for survival, their instinctual behaviors remain intact. The act of bringing you toys could be an expression of their natural hunting instincts. 

A mother cat might bring prey back to her kittens in the wild to teach them essential hunting skills. Similarly, when your cat brings you a toy, it could be a display of trust and affection, considering you as part of their “family” and trying to impart those hunting skills to you.

cat with toys

Seeking Attention and Interaction

Cats are known for their independence but also crave attention and engagement from their human companions. By offering you a toy, your cat may initiate playtime, seek interaction, or invite you to join in on their play. This act can be seen as an invitation to bond and strengthen the human-feline relationship, fostering trust and companionship between you and your furry friend.

Proud Presentations

Cats are curious creatures and often see themselves as the hunters and protectors of their territory. When your cat brings you a toy, it may present its “kill” as a proud trophy. In the wild, a mother cat would teach her young to hunt and present the captured prey as a sign of success and nourishment. By bringing you toys, your cat could show its prowess and accomplishments, seeking your approval and admiration.

kitten with toy

Boredom and Playfulness

Indoor cats, in particular, may bring toys to express boredom. When they lack stimulation or interaction, they may find their toys and bring them to you as a way to initiate play. It’s their creative and resourceful method of combating monotony and seeking amusement.

Associating You with Positive Experiences

Cats are wise creatures who can easily associate their favorite things with positive experiences. If your cat enjoys playing with a particular toy and you are often part of the playtime, they may associate that toy with the joy of spending time with you. Thus, bringing the toy to you could be their way of expressing their happiness and love for you.


Your cat bringing you toys is an endearing and fascinating aspect of feline behavior. Whether driven by their innate hunting instincts, a desire for interaction, a display of pride, or merely an expression of love, this gesture showcases our feline companions’ intricate and charming personalities. Embrace these playful offerings as a sign of your cat’s affection and an opportunity to bond and engage with them. Cherish these little moments of connection as they further strengthen the unique and special bond between you and your furry companion.

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