How To Live with Cats And Plants

If you’re a fur parent, one of the struggles of being one is keeping its behavior in check while it roams around the house. Cats are delightful to be around. Once you have made sure you feed them, pet them, play with them, and provide them with the necessary care, they make your house a … Read more

The Best Hypoallergenic Cats That Make Great ESAs

There are various benefits of owning an emotional support animal. Research and anecdotal evidence show that an ESA can help alleviate symptoms associated with an emotional or psychological disorder. They keep you calm, reduce anxiety, help in social situations; basically, they will always be there for you as your companion. To own an emotional support … Read more

What Do Outdoor Cats Like to Sleep in?

Whenever we leave the house, we see at least one cat snoozing, whether under a car or in a garden area where no one visits. However, it might not be that comfortable for them, given the constantly changing weather conditions. If you are looking for ideas on making our feline friends comfortable, you can look … Read more

How to Make Your Cat Feel Special at Home

Of course, cats are not intrinsically evil. They are popular pets and have been employed as working animals for thousands of years to help eliminate rats and mice, which are urban and farm pests. Domesticated cats are simply following their natural instincts when they prey on wild birds and other wildlife. Here are some pointers … Read more

What to Do if You Think Your Cat is a Bully

There’s a lot to say about cats and their personality. Much like dogs – they’re all different. However, one personality trait that seems to reign true for most cats is their sassy and independent ways. Some cats love nothing more than to snuggle into your lap, but that same cat will demand their alone time. … Read more

How To Have A Safe Christmas With Your Pets

We love our pets, and if you are a cat person, you definitely love your cat. So many people say that cats are not as loving as dogs, and you know that is wrong. Cats snuggle, cuddle, play, and can be great fun. They are crazy and bizarre and might do the strangest things. Cats … Read more

Best Cat Products for your home

Cats can bring immense love and camaraderie to your life, along with helping in relieving stress and strengthening heart health. Having a feline friend is like being in a rewarding relationship. A cat has the power to bring out your hidden extrovert personality and can equally be your calmness. Have fun by indulging in playful … Read more

4 Care Tips For Cats With Allergies

As a cat owner, one of your responsibilities is to ensure that your feline friend stays healthy. Aside from giving them a healthy diet and keeping them active, you also need to pay attention to any signs of allergies. Allergies can cause severe symptoms to your cat, namely coughing, itchy eyes, diarrhea, and vomiting. If … Read more

9 Things You Should Avoid Feeding Your Cat

How many times were you eating something, and your cat wanted to eat it too? Well, with their adorable eyes and face, you may end up feeding them something that could affect them adversely. Hence, before you feed anything to your furry friend, it becomes imperative to know whether it’s safe or not. In this … Read more

How Cats Improve Your Health?

Having a cat is itself an act of joy. The feeling when your cat cozily comes to you for a cuddle cannot be explained in words. All your worries and tensions instantly fade away, as they never existed. Pretty much miraculously, as if cats have some sort of magical healing powers. People even claim that … Read more

How Long Can a Cat Go Without Water?

It can be a couple of days in the worst conditions and up to two weeks in the best conditions. Each feline will have a varied suitability time with water. For cats, water is more important than food. How long can a cat go without water is linked to her ability to go thirsty. The … Read more

How to Leash Train Your Cat – The Basics

As opposed to what you might have heard, it’s possible to train your cats to do things dogs do. And, the truth? Some cats are completely in love with outdoor walks. Cats are born as natural homebodies. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise when most owners think of their cats as indoor companions alone. … Read more

4 Health Complications Cats Can Get From Ticks And Fleas

  It’s a nightmare for cat lovers to see their beloved cats suffering from ticks and fleas. This is due to the fact that these small parasites could bring diseases and health complications that could badly affect your cat. So, as their guardian, you’re supposed to protect your furry buddies from fleas and ticks before … Read more