How to Ensure Your Cat is Happy & Healthy

Owning a cat or, more accurately, being at the beck and call of a pint-sized furry dictator ensures that your home life is never in danger of becoming dull and predictable. The spontaneous nature of cats means that you will naturally want to make sure you are looking after your cat in the right way.

So, with this in mind, whether you are already sharing your home with a feline or two or are considering getting a kitten soon, continue reading to learn how to ensure your cat is happy and healthy.

Regular Grooming

As you will already be aware, hairballs are a common cause of a whole host of health issues for cats and other pets (like rabbits). They can even cause fatalities if not removed or passed, and the most effective way to eliminate this worry is to engage in regular grooming.

Not only will combing or brushing your cat’s fur every other day help to keep their digestive tract free from obstruction, but it is also a fantastic way of enhancing and strengthening the bond between you.

grooming a cat with brush

Raw Food is Always Best

Gone are the days when the only way to feed your cat without literally portioning them out their own plate of whatever you happen to be eating that night was to buy vacuum-sealed, processed cat food in bulk.

Now, thankfully, natural cat food is not only considerably more accessible and affordable but has been proven to be substantially healthier for your pussycat than any processed alternative.

Just a selection of the primary benefits of feeding your beloved cat natural food include:

  • A stronger digestive system
  • A way to effectively manage your cat’s weight
  • Help in preventing various ailments and allergies
  • An effective way to boost energy
  • A tastier and more enjoyable meal

Provide Fresh Water 24/7

Every animal owner is entirely aware of the importance of providing fresh water, which is always accessible, but for cat parents, water is especially important, as cats can often suffer from dehydration.

Cats are, frankly, a little diva-like in nature, and as such, if they deem their water bowl to be dirty or else the water stale, they are likely to refuse to drink even when they are suffering from symptoms of dehydration.

Have Your Cat Neutered or Spayed

Finally, even though each point within this article is an important way to ensure your cat’s health, perhaps the most crucial thing to do is to make sure your cat is neutered or spayed.

Not only does this reduce the risk of your cat fighting with another when exploring your neighborhood and displaying signs of aggressive behavior to you and other household members, but your cat will also be much more comfortable generally.

Additionally, even though it is rare to find a cat who is entirely comfortable with traveling in a car, a cat who has not been spayed or neutered is likely to become overtly stressed and panicked in such a situation.

With these simple tips, your cat will enjoy a happy and healthy life.

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