The Amazing Electric Blue Acara: Species Traits & Ultimate Care Guide

Electric Blue Acara is a fantastic man-made hybrid of the regular blue acara. The fish belong to the cichlid fish families, bony freshwater species. Scientifically known as Andinoacara Pulcher Hybrid, this fish is a beautiful sight, thanks to its vibrant blue color. Electric blue acara is a sight to behold, hence common among aquarists. Are … Read more

7 Personalised Extendable Dog Leads: General Information That Every Pet Owner Should Know

The personalized retractable dog lead is an essential accessory for every dog. You can use it both for walking and for sports and training. A personalized retractable dog leash comes in many different varieties, from size to design. Your best bet would be to buy several different types, such as Waudog’s retractable dog leash. Let’s … Read more

Are German shepherds good with kids? A Comprehensive Guide!

Yes, German shepherds are very good with children. They are a well-known “family dog” and are often recommended for families with kids. German shepherds are very intelligent, loyal, and protective. With the proper training, they will become perfect family dogs. If you’re thinking about getting a German shepherd as a family pet, this article will … Read more