Nutritional Management: How to Get a Dog with Addison’s Disease to Eat

Addison’s disease in dogs leads to appetite loss, impacting their nutritional status. This article explores strategies to stimulate appetite and ensure adequate nutrient intake. We discuss dietary adjustments, palatability enhancements, and stress reduction techniques. Tailored feeding plans and the role of medications in managing hypoadrenocorticism are also examined. Practical tips for owners to encourage eating … Read more

Holistic Health for Your Furry Friend: The Rise of CBD Products for Pets

The popularity of cannabis is on an upward trend as many people are embracing its potential benefits. While CBD (cannabidiol) is a well-researched subject in human medicine, its effectiveness for pet use is unclear. Despite the vagueness of information on this subject, research reveals that CBD could potentially treat your ailing cat. The pet wellness … Read more