Holistic Health for Your Furry Friend: The Rise of CBD Products for Pets

The popularity of cannabis is on an upward trend as many people are embracing its potential benefits. While CBD (cannabidiol) is a well-researched subject in human medicine, its effectiveness for pet use is unclear. Despite the vagueness of information on this subject, research reveals that CBD could potentially treat your ailing cat.


The pet wellness industry is recording high sales today, especially for CBD oil and cat treats. Professional vets and pet owners are now advocating for CBD products as an alternative medicine to manage specific health conditions. 

With the implementation of cannabis legalization in many states, you can easily access and purchase pet CBD products in licensed dispensaries or from online vendors. 

But is CBD safe for your cat? Are CBD-infused products effective? This article aims to help you learn everything you should know about CBD for pets and its potential benefits.

What Is CBD and How Does It Work?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, which is one of the major compounds in the cannabis plant. It is extracted from the hemp variant and is known to have gentle effects on users. Unlike the THC element, CBD doesn’t have an intoxicating feeling. Humans and animals who use CBD don’t get high or hooked on the drug. Thus, it is safe for your furry friend to consume CBD oil or treats due to the zero THC or minimal levels of 0.3% or less.

So, how does CBD work? Like humans, animals have an ECS – endocannabinoid system that the CBD interacts with after consumption and is absorbed into the bloodstream. The ECS has receptor signals that send signals to the central nervous system. 

The brain, in turn, communicates back the reactions, and the pet’s body starts to respond to the drug. It could be pain relief, increased appetite, sleep stimulation, movements, or other desired responses. 

Therefore, cannabis companies extract CBD from hemp and produce various medicinal products. These include topicals, oil tinctures, chewable treats, and other edible products.



Research on CBD for Pets

Even though research on CBD for pets is still ongoing, several studies have proved that CBD is an analgesic compound with therapeutic effects. Currently, many pet parents use this cannabis product based on the recommendation of a professional vet or from the successful research done on animals. 

Fortunately, cannabis legalization will provide limitless parameters for further research on the effectiveness of CBD as an alternative medicine. Comprehensive research means vets and pet owners will get professional guidance on using these CBD-infused products. 

Is CBD safe for Cats? 

According to research, CBD is completely safe for animals. Whether for cats, dogs, or horses, you can give your pet CBD oil or treats, and they will not experience adverse effects. Recently, studies have been conducted in the veterinary field to examine CBD effects. Their findings reveal that pets don’t show severe side effects after consuming high CBD. 

Remember that CBD products are THC-free or have small concentrations of 0.3%. Therefore, your furry friend will not get high or undesirable effects if you administer the recommended dose. However, your cat might feel drowsy, pass out soft stools, or shift from normal appetite. 

As stated above, studies are ongoing to establish CBD’s long-term effects on pets. 

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Potential Benefits of CBD 

Your cat is not immune to diseases, and occasionally, you must deal with various ailments or conditions. Some conditions your cat may suffer from are osteoarthritis, cancer, skin issues, and anxiety. CBD is a great remedy that will help restore your pet’s health quickly. Here are the potential benefits CBD offers your furry friend: 

Pain Relief 

Cats also experience pain because of different reasons. The pain will affect your pet’s daily functions, whether from an ailment, injury, or old age. Reduced movement, discomfort, and loss of appetite indicate that your pet might suffer. Thus, you should consult your vet first to discover the underlying issue before administering any CBD product. 

You will immediately notice the positive results if you give your cat the recommended CBD dose. Your cat will bounce back within no time since CBD contains healing properties for pain management. Besides pain, CBD stimulates healthy cells’ growth, allowing pets to recover 0quickly.

Alleviates Inflammation

Studies reveal that CBD has analgesic properties that lessen soreness. CBD oil is the best remedy if your cat has an inflammatory infection from an ailment or injury. This product has anti-inflammatory compounds that will assist your cat to recover quickly. Besides, CBD is a great immune booster for your pet. 

Relieves Anxiety and Stress

Pets also get stressed from separation anxiety or when introduced to new environments. Anxiety can also arise from loud sounds or traveling. Don’t be surprised when your pet runs away from home. It could be a sign of stress. Thus, consult a professional vet for the right CBD prescription to calm your furry friend. The compounds in the hemp plant come with soothing effects. So, you can introduce small doses of CBD and give your pet a stable emotional space. 

Healthy Heart

Besides managing anxiety disorders, CBD also offers long-term benefits for pets. Prolonged stress is bad for your cat due to the development of severe heart problems.

Therefore, CBD is a great option for lowering high blood pressure and regulating the heart rate. The element communicates with the ECS system and regulates the condition, resulting in a healthy heart.

Healthy Bones 

Over the years, your pet will age and develop some mobility complications. Aging cats might encounter challenges in running, walking, or jumping. This might be caused by osteoarthritis, which comes with joint pain and inflamed cartilage. But don’t worry because CBD can immediately relieve the pain and soreness, leaving your cat with healthy bones. The CBD-infused product alleviates stiff joints and improves mobility. Within no time, your cat will climb all over without any problem. 

Healthy Skin

Your cat may be prone to pest infestations like any other animal. Improper nutrition, ticks, or allergies might damage your cat’s skin. So, you can purchase CBD oil per your vet’s advice and apply it to the skin. After several applications, the oil will enhance your cat’s skin and restore its glow. 

General Wellness

Besides pain management, CBD for pets is popularly known for promoting general wellness. Whether you are using CBD oil or treats, your cat will enjoy holistic wellness, which greatly boosts the immune system. In addition, these treats are blended with other nutritious supplements, which is a plus for your cat’s health.

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How to Select the Best CBD Product

The cannabis market is awash with many CBD products. But how will you identify the best product for your cat?

Below are pointers you should look out for when purchasing:

  • Buy from a reputable vendor: Research reliable vendors online or at your local store to avoid substandard products. You can visit askgrowers.com/cbd/cbd-products-for-pets to get more information about the products. 
  • Understand your pet’s condition: Understanding the purpose of CBD will help you buy the right product. 
  • CBD Strength: The product’s potency matters since you will know the right dosage to give your cat. 
  • Type of CBD product and flavor: Go for tasty or soft chews that appeal to your cat’s appetite. 


CBD is popularly known for its immense benefits, and many pet parents are embracing it as an alternative medication. Introducing CBD oil or treats to your cat’s daily regimen will promote general wellness and a healthy lifestyle. However, ensure you consult your vet before using any CBD product. Your vet will guide you on your pet’s right dosage and administration. 

The author of this material is Lana Braslavska, an expert in CBD product selection and a passionate cannabis writer. Lana works as a full-time blogger at AskGrowers to educate the public about the benefits of CBD for health. She approaches various categories of consumers with deeply researched and informative articles on CBD’s clinically proven benefits. 

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