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Ever since the first dogs were domesticated from the wolf, man’s best friend has come in many shapes and sizes for different tasks. There are sleek and lean sighthounds for chasing hares. Then there are retrievers with webbed feet and thick fur like otters. In ancient times, royal families even bred small canine companions to warm their feet at night! Today most dogs are kept as companions rather than working animals, but their genetic heritage still influences their behavior and health. Knowing about your dog’s breed will help you to best care for him or her.

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  1. I think there should be more dog breeds on this, such as, the goldendoodle, the cocker spaniel, the dalmatian, the shih tzu, the yorkshire terrier, the springer spaniel, the poodle, the husky, the alaskan malamute, the austrailian shepherd, the collie, the border collie, the great dane, the samoyed, the belgian shepherd, and the pug.


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