Beagle Puppy Dog Care

Beagles are an active breed that enjoys sniffing out, tracking and chasing wildlife. They are very noisy dogs, so not suitable for apartments. They are extremely docile and non-threatening animals, something that has led to them being used as bomb-detectors, therapy dogs, children’s pets and, sadly, even medical experiment subjects.


Beagles are mischievous and enjoy getting into trouble. They will chew on or swallow anything, so they can not be allowed near garbage. While they have a habit of wandering, they do bond strongly with their home and their people and resent being left alone. They can suffer from separation anxiety. When being walked, beagles should always be on a leash so they do not chase after squirrels and become lost or caught in traffic.


Beagles have a tendency to beg at the dinner table, get into the trash bin or eat things found outside. Human food and garbage can both be poisonous to beagles, so it is important they be supervised closely. A dog that eats chocolate, garlic or other foods toxic to dogs should go to the veterinarian immediately. Besides poison, beagles can also choke if they put something bad in their mouths. They should not be taught to expect scraps at the dinner table.

Health Issues

Generally speaking, beagles tend to be a healthy and hardy breed, though certain strains or crosses like “miniature beagles” or “puggles” can have issues. Beagles rescued from puppy mills or laboratories will have physical and behavioral problems, but a beagle raised with love will be energetic and friendly. Beagles can put on weight if they are not walked enough. Beagles of a healthy weight will live a long time.

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