Dachshund Puppy Dog Care

The dachshund is an unusual-looking breed that is often found in shelters. Although they are cute, they are prone to expensive health issues and behavioral problems. One reason they are in animal shelters is that they are a favorite breed of puppy mills. They are very over-populated and often bought by people who do not care about the welfare of dogs. All of this does a cruel disservice to dachshunds, who are naturally friendly, peppy, and relatively quiet.


Compared to many other small dogs, dachshunds tend to be quiet and laid-back. They like to be with their owner at all times and often have separation anxiety. They are good dogs for single people who are not too active. They enjoy snuggling with their owners or in a nice dog bed. Since they are so low to the ground, they mustn’t be walked when there are puddles on the ground. They can be chilled very easily by that.


Since many dachshunds are from puppy mills, they suffer from the results of inbreeding. This can mean they have food allergies and missing teeth, or even swallowing issues. Many of them eat too much, so they will need to eat a low-calorie kibble or a restricted diet. They should receive treats sparingly, if at all. Like some other small, clingy breeds, dachshunds have an instinctive begging instinct. It is bad for their health to eat human food, however, so they must not be allowed to eat any.

Health Issues

Due to their unnatural proportions, the dachshund is a breed plagued with back issues. They should exercise enough to stay in shape but no more than that. Cancer is a risk in this breed, which can be reduced by early spaying and neutering. They should not be allowed to play with large dogs, who often hurt them unintentionally. Inbred dachshunds, especially those with unusual coat colors, may be deaf and/or blind. Their nails often become over-grown, so their owners or veterinarians will have to keep them trimmed. In other words, the dachshund has a wonderful temperament but a long list of potential health problems. They are prone to many illnesses and injuries.

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