Top 10 Best Cat Accessories to Try

As devoted cat parents, our furry friends hold a special place in our hearts. We love to pamper them with gifts and toys, showing our affection in the most delightful ways. 

Here’s a comprehensive guide to the most stylish cat accessories that will surely make your feline purr with joy:  

cat wearing a collar

Rogz Urban Cat Collar: Safety and Style for Your Feline Friend 

Rogz offers a wide selection of top-rated collars, and the Urban Cat Collar is a beautiful new addition with rave reviews from owners. From house lions to inquisitive explorers, cats of all stripes deserve safety and flair, which is why this is the best accessory for your feline buddy. With an adjustable clasp and sturdy construction, it’s made comfortable and functional for your cat.

The Rogz Urban Cat Collar has reflective accents, which increase your cat’s visibility in low-light conditions and keep it safe during nocturnal escapades. Made with luxuriously soft materials, this collar will relax your kitty. Also, you can find the perfect shade to match your feline’s fierce personality, as the Urban Cat Collar is available in a dazzling array of colors.

Pet Pals Handmade Woven Cat Tree

The Pet Pals handmade woven cat tree is ideal for a snug yet stylish home for your cat. This minimalistic, multi-functional, and comfortable cat tree is eco-friendly and features a built-in scratching pad. Two levels provide ample space for your cat to nap and play comfortably.

This cat tree is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a haven for your feline friend. The woven design is stylish and sturdy, ensuring long-lasting use. The built-in scratching pad helps keep your cat’s claws healthy while providing an outlet for their natural scratching behavior. 

The two levels offer different heights for your cat to explore, lounge, and nap. Its eco-friendly construction means you’re making a sustainable choice for your cat and the environment.

Frewinky Cat Bowls

Available in sleek white and teal, Frewinky cat bowls are designed to improve your cat’s eating habits. Elevated to reduce pressure on your cat’s spine, these bowls are functional and classy. One Amazon reviewer praised them as “perfect for both function (anti-vomit) and aesthetically pleasing.”

Elevated cat bowls are a game-changer for your pet’s health. The raised design promotes better digestion and reduces strain on your cat’s neck and back. The minimalist design fits seamlessly into any kitchen decor, making mealtimes stylish. These bowls are also easy to clean, ensuring your cat always has a hygienic dining experience.

Ibiyaya Premium Pet Carrier

The Ibiyaya premium pet carrier is the way for stylish outdoor adventures with your pet. Resembling a designer bag, this carrier features ventilating holes and a bubble window, allowing your cat to experience the world alongside you. It fits under most plane seats, making it perfect for travel.

Traveling with your cat has never been so chic. The Ibiyaya premium pet carrier combines fashion and function, offering a stylish way to transport your feline. The bubble window is a standout feature, giving your cat a view of the outside world while feeling secure. Ventilating holes ensure proper airflow, keeping your pet comfortable during the journey. Whether heading to the vet or on a plane, this carrier is designed to make travel stress-free for you and your cat.

cat in carrier backpack

The Good Pet Hidden Litter Box

One of the most stylish cat accessories, the Good Pet hidden litter box, doubles as an aesthetic potted plant. With a side cutout for your cat’s comfort, this litter box blends seamlessly into your home decor while providing your pet a hidden, comfortable environment. Available in two colors, it’s a game-changer.

Say goodbye to unsightly litter boxes with this ingenious design. The Good Pet hidden litter box looks like a chic potted plant, but inside, it provides a private space for your cat to do their business. The discreet side cutout offers easy access for your cat, while the stylish exterior adds a decorative touch to any room. Available in neutral colors, it’s easy to integrate into your home’s aesthetic.

Little Dove Pet Teepee

For a cozy, stylish nap spot, look no further than the Little Dove pet teepee. Made of durable canvas and featuring a pom-pom pad, this teepee offers the perfect aesthetic and comfort for your cat’s catnap.

The Little Dove pet teepee is more than just a bed; it’s a statement piece. The durable canvas material withstands playful antics, while the soft pom-pom pad provides ultimate comfort. Its unique design adds a touch of whimsy to your home, creating a dedicated space for your cat to relax and nap. Easy to set up and maintain, this teepee is both practical and adorable.

FUKUMARU Cat Hammock

The FUKUMARU cat hammock is a stylish and modern accessory for your feline. Featuring adorable white and black stripes, this wall-mounted hammock allows your cat to lounge comfortably while saving space. Its three-sided support bar ensures maximum safety.

This hammock is perfect for cats who love to perch and observe their surroundings. Mounted on the wall, it saves floor space and gives your cat a vantage point to watch over their domain. The sturdy three-sided support bar provides stability so your cat can comfortably relax without worry. The striped design adds a fun and modern touch to your home decor.

Balinese Cat in a Basket

Neater Pet Brands Hammered Decorative Designer Bowl

This rustic alternative to standard cat bowls has an anti-skid rubber bottom and is dishwasher safe. Available in three color combinations, it’s both beautiful and functional. One reviewer noted, “This bowl is beautiful and looks nice with my other decor. My cat drank out of it instantly despite being fussy.”

Transform your cat’s dining area with this hammered decorative bowl. The rustic design adds charm, while the anti-skid rubber bottom keeps the bowl in place and prevents spills. It’s dishwasher-safe and easy to keep clean. Available in various color combinations, it complements any decor style, making it a versatile choice for pet parents who value aesthetics and functionality.

The Cat Ladies Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit

This delightful accessory looks like a potted plant but is perfect for your cat to munch on. Housed in a cat-face mug, which pet parents can later use, this kit promotes fresher breath and healthier digestion for your cat.

Cat grass is a natural way to aid your cat’s digestion and reduce hairballs. The Cat Ladies organic cat grass growing kit comes in an adorable cat-face mug, which adds a playful touch to your home. Once the grass is consumed, you can repurpose the mug. It’s a fun and practical way to enhance your cat’s diet and overall well-being.

On2 Pets Cat Tree with Leaves

This cat tree mimics a real tree with high-quality faux leaves and hidden platforms for your cat to jump and nap. One user raved, “Cats love sleeping on it and hiding in the leaves.” It’s the ultimate blend of style and functionality for your feline friend.

The On2 Pets cat tree is a true conversation starter. It is designed to resemble a real tree and features lush faux leaves and hidden platforms for your cat to explore. The realistic design encourages natural behaviors like climbing and hiding, providing mental and physical stimulation. It’s a stylish addition to any home, offering your cat a unique play and relaxation area.

cat stretching on couch


Rogz hails from South Africa, a country known for its incredible variety of feline creatures, from majestic lions to playful meerkats. Their deep understanding of cats translates into high-quality collars, making it as adventurous as your whiskered explorer.

Meerkats are not cats, but our collars will fit them too.

Indulging in these accessories is a wonderful way to show love and care for your feline friend. Consider comfort, functionality, durability, and health and wellness when buying cat accessories. The above mentioned products check all these boxes, enhancing your pet’s lifestyle while seamlessly blending into your home.


Is it okay to make cats wear accessories?

Yes, cats can wear collars, but ensure they are comfortable and safe.

What are the best boredom-busting toys for your cat?

Interactive catnip toys and scratch pads are great for keeping your cat entertained.

What do cats love?

Cats thrive in a stimulating environment with plenty of toys to play with alone or with you.

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