Chihuahua Puppy Dog Care

Dog rescues, shelters, and pounds are filled with chihuahuas. These long-lived dogs often out-live their elderly owners. At other times, they may be turned over to shelters because they bit or barked excessively as a result of improper training. While it’s true that badly-trained chihuahuas can be a nuisance, chihuahuas treated tenderly are low-activity and eager to please dogs.


They tend to be one-person dogs, bonding to one person, and refusing to obey other humans. They can also be nippy or loud, so they are not good for apartments or households with children. They are good for single people. They must not be fed treats often or they will become obese. Due to their small bladders, they often have potty-training problems. Some chihuahuas are incapable of holding it no matter how well they have been trained. For this reason, some owners choose to litter-train their chihuahuas like cats. Chihuahuas should be carefully socialized from a young age so they can be safely handled by veterinarians and others. Often times, chihuahuas will like others of their breed but dislike other sorts of dogs.


Chihuahuas may need a limited ingredient diet. They can be allergic to certain ingredients. In addition, they may be unable to chew large pieces of kibble designed for larger dogs. This is especially true of older chihuahuas, who are often missing teeth. Canned food is good for chihuahuas. It’s important that they do not get people food. They like to beg but this is bad for them. People food is a choking hazard and may be toxic.

Health Issues

Chihuahuas are long-lived when properly cared for. They do have special needs and should not be treated like any other dog. Temperatures above seventy-five degrees or below forty-five degrees are very unsafe for them, for instance. Also, they are at risk of being hurt or even killed if a human accidentally steps on or sits on them. Lastly, they can exhaust themselves to the point of being unable to stand if over-exercised. The owner needs to understand chihuahuas can not handle as much walking as a larger dog.