Rottweiler Puppy Dog Care

A working breed, Rottweilers are best known for their large, muscular frame, and are often looked down upon as an aggressive breed. Fortunately, Rottweilers are known to be goofy, often finding themselves seeking affection. The American Kennel Club describes Rottweilers as being a loyal and courageous breed with territorial instincts. These instincts to protect what is there can easily be used in a positive manner with early socialization. With a lifespan of 9-10 years, the Rottweilers’ playfulness and loving demeanor are sure to hearts.

Rottweiler Puppy


Caring for a Rottweiler is important. When it comes to feeding, the American Kennel Club suggests high-quality dog food either bought or prepared at home. It’s important to follow your vet’s instructions to make sure your Rottweilers maintains a healthy weight. Exercise is also important and is something Rottweilers love to do. Swimming, running, and going on walks ensure the Rottweiler keeps excess weight which can lead to health problems. For grooming, it is suggested that a Rottweiler’s coat should be brushed weekly, along with weekly teeth brushing as well.


A healthy diet for any dog includes meat. Rottweilers, like their other canine friends, are carnivores. Typically when buying dog food from a store, the cheaper the food is, the less meat product is going to be in the food. This gives your dog less of what they need to stay healthy. Rottweilers should not be consuming soy, wheat, or corn. Rottweilers should be receiving food that contains meat and meat meals, like chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, etc. The more protein your Rottweiler receives, the healthier they will be.

Health Issues

According to The Rottweiler Club, Rottweilers face an array of health issues, the most common one being hip dysplasia. Elbow dysplasia can also be a concern during puppyhood and can have serious effects on the dog for the remainder of its life. Orthopedic cancers are commonly looked over in Rottweilers because they are known to be very tolerant of orthopedic pain. This can lead to a late-stage diagnosis in Rotties. Entropion and Ectropion, conditions in which the eyelids roll inward or outward, respectively, can also be a concern with Rottweilers.

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