Golden Retriever Puppy Dog Care

Also known simply as “the Golden,” these dogs are docile, fluffy companions reputed to be good with children and other pets. They may be a bit mouthy, especially when young, but do not normally bite. Golden retrievers like to swim and dig, happy in water and mud.


Golden retrievers enjoy going for long walks, or spending some time swimming or playing with other dogs. They require an intermediate amount of exercise, with younger dogs needing more and senior dogs less. They do well with fetch-type games involving balls or flying discs. It’s important this breed is given breaks from heavy activity. Sometimes they can get carried away and have heat strokes or heart attacks. Shade, water, and rest should always be provided to dogs.


Like their cousins the lab, golden retrievers often have allergies. This can mean they require a special diet with limited ingredients. It’s also important that golden retrievers do not eat too much, as they are prone to getting fat. Obesity is bad for all dogs, but especially for goldens since it puts extra strain on their bones.

Health Issues

Sadly, the golden retriever suffers from a host of health issues. Cancer ends the lives of more goldens than anything else. Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and arthritis are all common issues, too. So are cataracts and eyelash malfunctions.

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