Husky Puppy Dog Care

Huskies are intelligent dogs who need lots of exercise or they will become a destructive handful. Huskies are known for being escape artists. These dogs also require being part of a pack to be happy. Huskies need special training to be around smaller animals since they tend to have a high prey drive.

Husky in Snow


Huskies were bred to pull sleds over long distances. This has resulted in a dog that loves to work and needs lots of exercise to be happy. Since they are athletic, they can easily escape shorter fences. You need a minimum of 6 feet for a husky. Many owners choose to enter the dogs in competitions or give them a small cart to pull to keep these dogs exercised and happy.


Working huskies will need more protein than a dog who isn’t pulling sleds. You should feed a high-quality food with plenty of protein. Huskies tend to be very healthy, but you should still watch out for allergies or over-eating. Also, remember that more active dogs will need more calories and protein than a dog who prefers lazing around. You may see food aggression, this can be fixed with careful training. Huskies will also try to hunt smaller animals thanks to a high prey drive.

Puppy Husky Dog

Health Issues

Huskies are a very healthy breed overall. The biggest thing to watch for is juvenile cataracts, particularly in dogs that are intended for breeding. You should make sure your husky gets eye exams yearly after they hit a year of age. Like most dogs that are medium or large in size, you should also have their hips checked since many breeds are prone to hip problems as they age. Also, since huskies were bred for cold weather, they will suffer in the heat. Ask your vet or groomer for ways to help them handle the heat.

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