What Size Tank Does A Bearded Dragon Need?

Although bearded dragons tend to be a low-maintenance pet once they’re properly settled, they still need a good home setup to keep them happy and healthy. When welcoming a bearded dragon into your family it’s important to consider what size tank is best for your bearded dragon as well as how much space is available … Read more

3 Reasons Your Leopard Gecko is Changing Color

Leopard geckos aren’t recognized for changing colors, so keep an eye on your gecko if you see any discoloration, such as yellowness. Check to see if the discoloration is a darker yellow or a brighter yellow; a darker yellow could indicate stress. According to GeckoAdvice.com – “You may see the yellow tint when the leopard … Read more

Are You Taking Good Care of Your Reptile Pet? Find Out Here

Author: Allen Brown Pet reptiles are popular for many reasons. Lizards, snakes, turtles, and tortoises are beloved by children and adults and likely will be forever. These creatures make truly unique pets, but this means that their care is also unique. The following will explore the basic care and considerations you need to have if … Read more