The Costs Involved with owning a pet

With over 62% of UK households owning a pet, it’s no secret that we’re a nation of pet lovers. But if you’re considering joining the cohorts, you should know how much pets can cost. Costs to consider Pet insurance Just like any insurance, pet insurance is designed to protect you against vet bills if your … Read more

The Beginner Snake Owner’s Checklist

Although fluffy or winged pets are some of the most common options, Pawsome Advice’s pet ownership statistics reveal that 50% of all pets in the U.S.A are currently exotic. This is because it’s actually become easier and more accessible to own and maintain pets like snakes! Now among the most popular exotic pets to own, snakes are … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Dog Ownership

Bringing a puppy into the family is a big step that demands careful consideration; a dog is for life, as you probably know and that is a big commitment. In sickness and health, the good times, and the bad, your four-legged companion will enhance your life in so many ways, and with that in mind, … Read more

How to Care for Your Pet Turtle

Pet turtles and tortoises are the perfect first pet for smaller children, those with allergies to traditional pets, and small homes without a lot of outdoor space. While you may not think about a turtle being a cuddly pet alternative, they can make great companions and they can live up to 20 years or more. … Read more

How Cats Improve Your Health?

Having a cat is itself an act of joy. The feeling when your cat cozily comes to you for a cuddle cannot be explained in words. All your worries and tensions instantly fade away, as they never existed. Pretty much miraculously, as if cats have some sort of magical healing powers. People even claim that … Read more

Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Get A Dog

Author: Allen Brown When you want to get a dog, the timing needs to be right. You need to be prepared to take on that responsibility and give your pooch everything you have. The circumstances are rarely perfect for introducing a new dog to a household. Often there are elements of compromise at play, whereby … Read more