The Hobbyist’s Guide To Colorful Aquarium Corals

Are you looking to start a reef tank? Did you know that fish are the third most popular pet in the US, next to cats and dogs? Most people start with freshwater fish and then explore new aquariums. A reef tank consists of invertebrates, corals, and various fish that help the ecosystem. Apart from making … Read more

5 Tips For Maintaining A Small Aquarium

If you’re a beginner in the world of fishkeeping you might think a smaller aquarium with one or two fish is easier to maintain than a large tank. But in reality, maintaining a small aquarium can be more challenging. Your fish produce toxic waste, mainly in the form of ammonia, which can build up quickly … Read more

Fighting Fish As Pets: 6 Mistakes To Avoid

The beauty of the Siamese fighting fish, or betta, is unparalleled. They move through the water with ease and grace, seemingly calm. Bright colors adorn their fan-like fins and tails, attracting many people to them. Originally from freshwater rivers in Eastern Asia, these little beauties have traveled worldwide to become pets in homes that want … Read more

How To Clean An Aquarium

If you own an aquarium of your very own, you should make sure that you clean your aquarium in the most effective way possible. This is especially true, if you are going to clean up large scale aquariums. Here are some great tips for cleaning an aquarium, Have A Regular Cleaning Schedule If you are … Read more

Keeping Cephalopods as Pets: Tips From the Experts

Unusual pets have been growing in popularity in recent years. People are looking for something different, something unique to add to their family. And cephalopods, the group of marine creatures that includes octopuses and squid, are filling that role. While they may seem strange and exotic, more and more people are getting them as pets. … Read more

How Long Do Goldfish Live In A Fishbowl?

The humble goldfish is an iconic pet that’s been around since the 19th Century when the fish were first kept in ornamental ponds by the wealthy as status symbols. Today, goldfish are still just about the most popular choice of pet fish, especially with kids, but unfortunately, they’re also often regarded as somewhat disposable and … Read more

Basic Guide To Caring For Your Fish At Home

An aquarium can be an excellent addition to your homes or offices. Did you know that fish are among the most popular types of pets together with cats and dogs? Keeping your own fish is actually fun and fascinating, especially when you see them beautifully swimming and playing around. Having fish as pets is a … Read more

How to Choose Fish for a Freshwater Tank

A normal visit to any fish store or aquarium exposes you to a hundred and thousand of fishes. There are plenty of options but only a few will be suitable for your aquarium. Do not buy a fish without knowing it’s habitat and nature.     Make sure to choose the best pond filter to … Read more

Beginner’s Aquarium Care – What You Need To Know

When it comes to setting up an aquarium, buying and caring for fish and plants, many people’s knowledge is limited to filling a container with water, planting everything they like, and feeding the purchased fish. Which, unfortunately, very often leads to the complete death of all living beings in the aquarium. To begin with, an … Read more

9 Tips for Anyone to Help Save the Ocean

According to reports from NOAA, more than 40 percent of Earth’s oceans have been negatively impacted by humans. What some people do not realize though is that there are things we can do to change that. Tips on Protecting the Oceans Recycle, reduce, and reuse The reported volume of plastic waste floating in our oceans … Read more

How Much Work Is It to Own a Saltwater Fish Tank?

When you were a kid, your family probably had a bowl with a couple goldfish swimming around. If you were really lucky, you had a freshwater aquarium containing such popular fish as guppies, tetras or even a gorgeous betta. Now that you’re grown, you’re ready to take an additional step and upgrade to a saltwater … Read more