Important Things You Should Know Before Selling Your Veterinary Practices In 2021

Author: Allen Brown As a veterinarian, selling your practice is no means feat. Selling your veterinary practice is an important life decision. You need to look at all the factors, including why you need to sell the veterinary practice and whether it is the right time to sell. In addition, you have to ensure that … Read more

15 Signs Your Pet Is Happy

For as close as many of us feel to our furry friends, you’d think they’d be able to speak full sentences letting us know how they feel. The truth, though, is that we have to rely on a set of non-verbal cues to understand what our pets are feeling. We often pay close attention to … Read more

Exploring Sectional Couch Covers for Your Puppies and Other Pets

If you have a pup or cat, there’s every possibility that they will nap on the couch, especially when you try to keep them off the furniture. You’re in luck when you have water-resistant and durable fabric for sectional couch covers. They protect your sofa from scratches, accidents, and hair. Most sofa covers and couches … Read more

CBD and Pets – Things That You Should Know

The marijuana or CBD market has been growing over the past few years! Today, people are even talking about marijuana for their pets. However, when people mention using marijuana for their pets, they indicate using CBD products that get taken from hemp. According to the California Veterinary Medical Board, the term CBD refers to cannabidiol, … Read more

5 Awesome Custom Pet Art Ideas

Many people find that they enjoy giving gifts more than they enjoy receiving them. This is perfectly natural behavior, as we feel satisfied and recognized when someone appreciates a gift that we select for them. This is one of the reasons why pet art is so popular, as it can serve as a sentimental and … Read more

How to Select the Best Vet for Your Pet?

Selecting a veterinarian is an important decision that you will ever make. If you have pets at home, a veterinarian also becomes a necessity. They become promising partners with you for ensuring the safety and health of your pet. You must be clear about your preferences and the issues of your pet before you approach … Read more