Why Is Having a Dog Beneficial for Your Kid?

Do you want your child to grow up to be a full-fledged person, healthy and able to communicate well with other people? It is enough to have a dog, and it will make such a significant contribution to the upbringing of a little person that no other life experience can replace it. Love is generally irrational, and the desire to have a pet, firstly, comes suddenly, and, secondly, does not leave you over time.

For parents looking to make the introduction more exciting, a dog DNA kit can add a fun and educational element to the experience. This kit allows kids to explore the genetic makeup of their furry friend, fostering a sense of curiosity and learning about biology, genetics, and different breeds. It’s a wonderful way to instill a love for science while deepening the bond between kids and their canine pals, helping them find the perfect dog for their family’s unique needs and preferences.

girl and puppy

And in general, why a dog and not a rat, for example. Rats are the most intelligent rodents. True, they do not live long, but their owners will not exchange their pets for anyone else.

And all the living creatures in the house are good, be it a fish or a hamster.

But a dog most noticeably and at the same time rapidly changes the home atmosphere in the direction of love. The dog becomes a marker of domestic relationships, an illustrator of a family picture, a comrade, a devoted friend, and a faithful companion. If this atmosphere could be measured and calculated in joules or watts, then the graph would show a sharp jump upward in all indicators.

How does this happen?

Often a pet is adopted for some festive event or for some special occasion. New Year, birthday, moving (new place, few friends), parents leaving. By the way, this approach has been strongly condemned on the Internet lately. They say that an animal is not a toy, and a child, like the whole family as a whole, must be prepared for such an important step in advance and gradually. But, let’s leave it up to the family to decide in what way and for what reason they should get a pet, and let’s talk about the atmosphere and feelings.

Sometimes children’s interests are not taken into account, because not only the planet revolves around children, and adults decide to get a dog for themselves, but the child, they say, will naturally tolerate it and fall in love with it.

Parents think this way: in general, it won’t be worse, the child will learn responsibility, will understand more about caring for a living being, and at the same time will share walks and all everyday difficulties with us.

In reality, the dog, first of all and from the first day, brings real fuss into the house. It makes noise at night or in the morning when everyone is used to silence.

For example, it starts fiddling around at five in the morning. It needs to be walked every day early in the morning and late in the evening. This must be done in any weather and on any day. Who is walking at seven in the morning on January 1? That’s right — dog lovers. Any trips should now be correlated with “where to take the dog”; you literally cannot go to the hospital and hang out with friends for the night.

The dog is capricious when it comes to food, can run away, get sick, eat toys, documents, books, cosmetics, headphones, wallpaper or shoes, neglecting the toys specially purchased for it. Dogs also love trash cans, pigeons, cats, other dogs and spread their short or long hair absolutely everywhere.

And the child immediately becomes involved in this whirlwind.

As a result, everyone spends the first few months getting used to having another family member to whom everyone regularly owes something.

But it is here, in this bustle and daily walks, that something inexplicable begins to emerge in the atmosphere.

It is also surprising that learning to be responsible for the life of another being comes much later and separately from love. It is rather a habit and a skill that has been trained for months: when you pass by the bowl, make sure that the dog always has water. And, unnoticed by you, the child will become imbued with a special love for the dog. And perhaps it will take an empty place in their heart. The place of a friend, the place of a silent interlocutor, the place of the receiving party.

It’s because of these feelings that you should get a pet, to make someone feel better, more fun, and maybe not so lonely.

This is the main reason, and not a birthday or New Year, not good quarterly or annual grades, achievements in sports or studies.

golden retriever

A dog is brought for love. 

Of course, it’s worth special preparation for such an event. It is extremely important and interesting for the child to participate in this: choose the breed, age, where you will get it from (in a shelter, or rush to the first call “adopt a puppy urgently” on the social media).

If you decide to get acquainted first and look at each other, take your child with you (explaining in advance that this is only an acquaintance, all decisions will be made later). It is advisable to know at least the basic things about all these characteristics.

There are still many issues that should be discussed in the family, for example: how to save money for treatment (a certain amount should be planned for this in the budget), what to do if everyone does not calculate their strength, how to plan trips, relocations, for example, if you you rent an apartment.

But all this fuss, all these worries, questions and doubts are certainly solvable. And the love and friendship that will come with a dog into your family are priceless. And let, if possible, every child have such a friend in childhood.

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