How to Support Your Dog’s Active Lifestyle with the Right Food?

Who doesn’t like a pet dog they can take for a walk in the evening or their children play with in the garden on a lazy summer afternoon? But is it healthy for your dog to consume the same old dog food from your nearby pet store? Here is a quick overview of food for active dogs and why they need it to support their active lifestyle.

Dogs require the right food with well-balanced nutrients, especially high-fat content, to sustain an active lifestyle. The right dog food must provide your dog with enough energy, aid muscle recovery, and help maintain a healthy weight. The best foods available for your active dog and why they are important are discussed further.

Feeding your dog the right food not only provides it with adequate nutrients but also impacts its behavior. Good food equals a good mood for your dog, too, which enables its active participation in any activity and ensures long-term health benefits. Let’s learn how to feed an active dog to support its lifestyle. 

dog eating from bowl

What should the Right Dog Food Contain?

The best food for your dog must contain well-balanced nutrients, matching the dog’s energy requirements just right. Giving your dog a nutrient-rich diet ensures better 

health and stamina. 

The right dog food contains the following nutrients in the right proportion:

  • Healthy Fats: The right food for an active dog should contain about 20% healthy fats. Fats give your dog the concentrated energy required to fuel activities and maintain endurance.
  • Proteins: About 25-30% of protein is essential for your dog’s diet to support an active lifestyle. Proteins help build and repair muscles, aid growth and keep your dog strong and healthy.
  • Carbohydrates: Your dog food should contain 20-45% carbohydrates. Carbohydrates provide your dog with energy and contain fibers and antioxidants essential for your dog’s system’s well-functioning.
  • Water: A medium-sized active dog needs around 1-2 L daily. Drinking adequate clean water and taking regular water breaks during activities is essential for your dog’s metabolism and prevents dehydration. 

However, the amount of food you give your dog depends mainly on its size, weight, age, and breed and on how actively it participates in activities. 

Why is the Right Food Important for Your Dog’s Active Lifestyle?

Providing your dog with the right food containing the right balance of proteins, fats, and antioxidants ensures healthy weight maintenance of your dog. It further balances calorie intake and energy expenditure. 

A good diet ensures proper muscle and bone functioning and improves your dog’s skin and hair health, providing it with a shiny coat. 

The right food improves your dog’s digestibility, ensuring smooth bowel movements and, hence, minimization of stool. A balanced diet also improves your dog’s immunity and metabolism.

Moreover, maintaining the proper functioning of your dog’s body keeps your dog happy, enabling it to take part in exercises actively and ensures a positive impact on its behavior. 

dog eating from bowl

Ethically Sourced Dog Foods for Your Active Dog

Montana Dog Food Co. offers a range of high-quality products designed to support the active lifestyles of dogs. Their products, including meals and toppers, are formulated with freeze-dried raw dog food made from beef, chicken, or trout, ensuring a rich intake of animal proteins crucial for your dog’s energy and overall vitality. 

Montana Bison Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats

Montana Bison Freeze-dried Raw Dog Treats are nutritious, minimally processed snacks made from single-ingredient, premium chicken breast. They are ideal for training and rewards.

The ingredients are carefully selected and prepared to maintain their nutritional value, aroma, and taste, making them ideal for dogs with food sensitivities and allergies due to their single animal protein content. 

Additionally, Montana Dog Food Co.’s offerings are complemented by a selection of dog treats and veterinarian-formulated supplements. These cater to various health needs, from digestive support to joint health, enhancing your dog’s diet to meet all the demands of an active lifestyle​.


Q: What is active dog food?

A: Active dog food refers to the type of dog food formulated especially for dogs with high activity levels. It mainly contains high levels of protein and fat. 

Q: Do active dogs need more food?

A: Active dogs require more food due to their increased energy expenditure. Higher levels of calorie burnouts require them to consume more calories. 

Q: What to feed a very active dog?

A: An active dog should be given a proper, balanced diet with the right nutrients. The best food for a very active dog contains adequate protein and fat, carbohydrates and vitamins, and water.  

Q: Are active dogs healthier?

A: Yes, active dogs are healthier. They exhibit better weight maintenance and improved metabolism. Regular activities and exercise ensure the proper functioning of their muscles, joints, and heart.  


As you can see, your dog’s food extensively affects its physical and mental health. So, your dog needs to have the right food to support its active lifestyle, thereby maintaining a healthy weight and improving metabolism. After all, a well-balanced diet containing the proper amounts of nutrients, regular activities, and exercise is the ultimate key to keeping your dog healthy and happy.

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