Choosing A New Dog Food: How To Pick Healthy And Tasty Meals For Your Furry Friend

When it comes to your dog’s health, the food you give them is one of the most important factors. Healthy, balanced meals can be the difference between a happy, hearty dog and one that’s plauged by medical issues throughout its life.

Nutrition is vital for every aspect of your dog’s health, and that means that you need to take the time to find them the right food. Most dogs, whether you buy them as a puppy or adopt them from a shelter, come with a supply of dog food, but you don’t have to keep them on that for the rest of their lives.

Instead, you should explore all your options to find the best dog food that suits your pet. Healthy treats are an important addition to your dog’s diet, but the bulk of their sustinence will be in the form of daily meals, so you need to make sure that the food you give your dog has all the nutrients that they need.

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Explore All The Types Of Food On Offer

There are literally thousands of different dog food products on the market, ranging from complete meals to ingredients you can use to put together your pet’s menu yourself. So, the first step in your search is to narrow down your criteria.

Consider looking into complete dog food options to save time, then exploring the different types of food available. This includes dried kibble, cold pressed dog food, fresh meals and raw dog food. Learn about each of these options and work out which ones you’d consider feeding to your dog.

Once you have an idea of the type of food you’d like to feed your furry best friend, you can explore the options and look into the flavours available. Check out the biggest names in each market, and see what they have to offer. For example, when it comes to raw dog food, Southend Dog Training offers an extensive range of raw dog food options, so you can explore these and see if one is right for you. There are also samples and variety packs to help you try the food out on your dog.

Read The Ingredients List

When you’re exploring the dog food brands and products on offer, always read the ingredients list. Try to find products that have wholesome ingredients and that contain all the nutrients your dog needs.

When reviewing ingredients lists, consider talking to your vet to understand what your dog needs and if the food has everything required. They can help you to make an informed decision.

As well as checking for healthy, nutritious ingredients, you also need to make sure that none of the foods you give to your dog contain anything they’re allergic to. If your dog has allergies, make sure you’re particularly thorough when reading ingredients lists and check that it contains nothing that your pet could react to.

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Consider Your Dog’s Specific Requirements

The breed of dog you own and its function will have a significant impact on their dietary needs. Large and small breed dogs both have different nutritional requirements, and some breeds have a higher propensity to certain allergies.

Also, if you have a working dog, such as a herding dog or a service animal, then they will require more energy and nutrients than a pet dog that spends most of the day asleep. Age also plays a role in dog nutrition, as puppies have very different dietary needs to senior dogs.

So, think about all the different factors and work out what you’re looking for from your dog’s new diet. If your working or active breed dog needs additional nutrients or nourishment, you could consider adding dog supplements to their diet, or topping their main meal with additional food. You can also choose nutritious dog treats to enhance their diet further when needed.

Try A Sample Pack First

Before you buy a full pack of dog food, consider ordering some samples first. Many dog food manufacturers offer samples or smaller packets of food, either for free or at a low cost. You can then use these as treats or as part of your dog’s meal, to see if they like the taste and check for any adverse reactions.

Choosing sample packs to begin with will reduce the chances of food waste, especially if you have a large dog and usually buy big bags of dog food.

Also, it means you won’t have to spend too much money on the new dog food to begin with, and can make sure that it’s really worth investing in before you buy more and move your dog onto its new diet.

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