Can You Use Regular Cat Litter In A Self Cleaning Litter Box

If you are a cat lover like me, you know how important it is to keep your furry friends happy and healthy. One of the most essential aspects of cat care is providing them with a clean and comfortable litter box. However, cleaning the litter box can be a hassle, especially if you have multiple cats or a busy schedule. That’s why I was intrigued by the idea of a self-cleaning litter box that can automatically dispose of the waste and keep the litter fresh. But can you use regular cat litter in a self-cleaning litter box? The answer is: it depends.

cat entering litter box

What is a self-cleaning litter box?

A self-cleaning litter box is a smart device that can automatically scoop, seal, and dispose of the cat waste, without requiring any manual intervention from you. It can also monitor your cat’s health, notify you of any issues, and let you customize the cleaning settings via an app. Sounds amazing, right? Well, not all self-cleaning litter boxes are created equal. Some of them require special types of litter, such as crystals, clumping, or biodegradable, while others can work with any kind of litter. The type of litter you use can affect the performance, cost, and environmental impact of your self-cleaning litter box.

Why I chose PetSnowy’s self-cleaning litter box

After doing some research, I decided to try PetSnowy’s self-cleaning litter box, which claims to be compatible with any type of litter. I was impressed by the features and benefits that the product offers, such as:

Odor-free: Cutting-edge triple deodorization system

One of the biggest problems with regular litter boxes is the odor. No matter how often you clean them, they can still smell bad and attract flies and bacteria. PetSnowy’s self-cleaning litter box solves this problem with its innovative triple deodorization system, which consists of:

TiO2 photocatalyst: This is a natural and safe substance that can eliminate 99.9% of stinky sulfur compounds and 92.9% of other viruses by reacting with sunlight or UV light. It’s self-cleaning litter box has a TiO2 coating on the inner walls, which can effectively neutralize the odor at the source.

24h built-in UV light: This is a powerful germicidal lamp that can kill bacteria and viruses in the litter box. PetSnowy’s self-cleaning litter box has a 24h built-in UV light that can automatically turn on after each cat usage, ensuring a sanitary and odorless environment for your cats.

Robertet fragrance insert: This is a natural and pleasant scent that can mask any remaining odor and infuse your litter box with a fresh and luscious aroma. The self-cleaning litter box has a Robertet fragrance insert that can last for up to two months, giving you and your cats a delightful experience.

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Scoop-free: Effortless, convenient, and sanitary

Another major hassle with regular litter boxes is the scooping. Nobody likes to scoop the cat poop, especially when it’s wet, sticky, and smelly. PetSnowy’s self-cleaning litter box eliminates this chore with its patented self-sealing design, which can automatically scoop, seal, and dispose of the waste in a matter of seconds. Here’s how it works:

– After your cat uses the litter box, the smart sensor will detect the motion and activate the cleaning cycle.

– The rotating rake will scoop the waste and drop it into a waste bag, which is located in a separate compartment at the back of the litter box.

– The waste bag will self-seal and detach from the litter box, ready to be thrown away. You don’t have to touch or see the waste at all.

– The litter box will reset itself and be ready for the next use.

Anti-tracking curved walkway design

One of the common complaints about self-cleaning litter boxes is the litter tracking. Some of them have open or low entrances, which can allow the litter to spill out or stick to your cat’s paws. PetSnowy’s self-cleaning litter box solves this problem with its anti-tracking curved walkway design, which has the following advantages:

– The curved walkway can prevent the litter from escaping the litter box, keeping your floor clean and tidy.

– The soft and detachable mat can catch any residual litter from your cat’s paws, reducing the tracking and making your cat feel comfortable and secure.

– The spacious and enclosed litter box can provide your cat with enough privacy and protection, preventing any unwanted accidents or messes.

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App control

One of the coolest features of this self-cleaning litter box is the app control. You can download the PetSnowy app on your smartphone and connect it to your litter box via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. With the app, you can:

– Monitor your cat’s health: The app can track your cat’s weight, frequency, and duration of litter box usage, and alert you of any abnormal changes or potential health issues.

– Receive safety notifications: The app can notify you of any errors, malfunctions, or low battery levels of your litter box, and provide you with troubleshooting tips and customer service contacts.

– Customize the cleaning settings: The app can let you adjust the cleaning cycle, the UV light duration, the fragrance intensity, and the waste bag capacity of your litter box, according to your preferences and needs.

Whisper quiet

One of the minor drawbacks of some self-cleaning litter boxes is the noise. Some of them can make loud or annoying sounds during the cleaning cycle, which can disturb you or your cats. PetSnowy’s self-cleaning litter box is different. It has a whisper quiet operation, with a peak noise level as low as 53dB, which is equivalent to a quiet office space. You can barely notice the sound, and your cats won’t be scared or bothered by it. The self-cleaning litter box can provide you and your cats with a peaceful and relaxing environment.


PetSnowy’s self-cleaning litter box is a smart and innovative device that can make your cat care easier and more enjoyable. It can work with any type of litter, and it can eliminate the odor, the scooping, the tracking, and the noise of regular litter boxes. It can also monitor your cat’s health, notify you of any issues, and let you customize the cleaning settings via an app. It is a bit pricey and bulky, but it is worth the investment for the convenience and comfort that it provides. I highly recommend PetSnowy’s self-cleaning litter box to any cat lover who wants to give their cats the best possible care. If you are interested, you can order now and get a $60 coupon.

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