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While the purpose of our site is to provide all the information needed for proper pet care, it doesn’t mean our posts don’t have to be entertaining as well. Who doesn’t love to look at pictures of cute furry little animals? If you like hamster pictures, you’ve come to the right place. We have pictures of hamsters of all kinds; doing all sorts of things hamsters do.

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Hamster Eating a Grape PictureSyrian Hamster PicturesPicture of a Hamster Being HeldTwo Robo Hamsters in a Wheel Picture
Picture of a Dwarf Hamster in an OrangeRussian Dwarf Hamster PicturePicture of a Hamster Cuddle PilePicture of Hamster StandingWhite Hamster Pictures

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If you would like to share your hamster pictures with us, send an email attachment. Feel free to give us a short description of your pics and don’t forget to tell us your hamster’s name. Likewise, if one of these pictures of a hamster belongs to you and doesn’t wish to have it posted on our site, send us an email and we will gladly remove the pic. If you have great photos you can use a service like https://www.wallpics.com to make fun prints.

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Cerebro The Syrian Hamster
Cerebro – Syrian Hamster

Hi, my name is David, the one in the attached picture is our sweet Cerebro, it’s a Syrian hamster. We have had it for now three months, and he’s the sweetest pet we’ve ever had. I came across your website and found it very useful for tips and advice. Thank you for sharing it.
He’s got used to us and very tamed now, we won’t shy away from us and he loves sleeping wherever we put him, at night he’s very active and sleeps all day.
We love Cerebro.

Thank you.

David and Britain

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  1. Hi I’ve had 2 robo hamsters in quite a large size cage for about a month now, they were only a few weeks old when we got them, and both female. Now one of them has started chasing the other one around, dominating the wheel has started so I bought another wheel. Tonight the dominant hammie seems intent on chasing the other and has ended in squeaking and rolling around fighting. So I’ve got the bully and placed in a smaller time out cage for the night, now I can either return the hamster to the main cage and see if the dominating carries on, or its back to the pet shop or I find a new owner for her. Can anyone recommend me what to do for the best, I think I just have a strong willed hamster, very dominant and territorial.


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