Recommended Goldfish Books

Every goldfish hobbyists need a few trustworthy resources they can use to find the answers to their questions about how to take care of a goldfish. With the way search engines work and how sites get ranked, oftentimes it’s difficult to find the correct answers to a search query. When the web fails to answer a goldfish question, books are a great fallback. In fact, many goldfish care sites, including, use goldfish books to help write content and answer goldfish questions. There are a few goldfish books we use on a daily basis that are inexpensive and available to the general public. Buying used goldfish books online is recommended as it’s easy to find goldfish books at half price or even more.

Books on Goldfish Care

This is an advanced book on caring for fancy goldfish breeds but the sections on goldfish disease are what makes this book such a great resource. Search by goldfish disease names or search by a specific goldfish symptom when the illness is not known. It then offers goldfish treatments and care of sick goldfish. Finally, it lists all the different formulary including the pros and cons of using each formula.

An all around great goldfish book for beginners and novices. It answers question about getting started, goldfish tank maintenance, goldfish feeding and goldfish sickness. What makes this book great are the text boxes all through out that contain tips for parents of children with goldfish as well as answering questions that a reader might not have thought of. (Made by Animal Planet and Tropical Fish Hobbyist: TFH)

Another useful goldfish book for beginners and novice goldfish hobbyists. It too contains goldfish information on setting up a goldfish tank, goldfish maintenance, and goldfish sickness but it also includes a section on setting up and maintaining a goldfish pond and breeding goldfish. What makes it an even more useful goldfish book is its section on the different types of goldfish, about 20, with pictures.

This is not specifically a goldfish book but it’s a complete guide to caring for an outdoor garden pond (goldfish/Koi pond). It includes how to set up a garden pond up, what filter and accessory options there are, maintenance and care throughout the seasons and much more.

A book on aquarium plants with pictures. How to Choose Hardy, Vibrant, Eye-Catching Species That Will Thrive in Your Home Aquarium.

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