Caring for Devon Rex Cats

The Devon Rex is an affectionate and loving cat on one hand and playful and full of antics on the other. Expect a sheik breed that is energetic and social. As far as cats go, the Devon Rex is an extrovert and can get along with children as well as adults. A Devon Rex is smart enough to learn the most complex tricks, but in feline fashion may not want to perform consistently.

woman holding a devon rex cat

How Much Is a Devon Rex Cat?

A Devon Rex costs between $500 and over $1000 depending on pedigree and skill set. Expect to pay more for well-trained cats that perform advanced tricks. Adopting a cat from a shelter or rescue varies but usually falls in the $100 to $150 price range.

What are the specific needs of a Devon Rex cat?

Similar to a Siamese, you may find a Devon Rex has several traits in common with dogs. The breed is very social and does not do well alone for any length of time. Cats left on their own become bored, stressed, and destructive. This breed is so active it requires daily exercise and mental stimulation. The Devon Rex is social enough that you need to watch your cat around dogs that are not necessarily feline-friendly. Your pet may not have a healthy sense of self-preservation. Your cat will have a unique coat that needs protection from the sun as outer guard hairs are sparse. The same thin coat will require you to protect your cat from frigid conditions.

a little ginger devon rex kitten

This breed’s skin is sensitive and prone to greasiness, so you need to bathe your Devon Rex in warm water frequently. Use a mild cat shampoo. Avoid brushing that tends to break what few guard hairs the Devon Rex has.

What is the Diet of The Breed?

A Devon Rex has healthy teeth but a dainty face. Your cat may be better able to handle smaller kibble if you feed a dry diet. Some experts recommend supplementing or substituting wet food to encourage water intake. Your cat’s diet should be mostly animal-sourced proteins and fats, avoiding grains and other carbohydrates as much as possible. The Devon Rex can be a voracious and indiscriminate eater, setting itself up for gaining excess weight and ingesting toxic foods. Heavier cats may have to eat a special weight-control diet or ingest fewer calories.

What are the Health issues of the breed?

The Devon Rex is healthy and typically lives about 14 or 15 years. Its most common orthopedic problems are hip dysplasia and luxated patellas. The former is a growth irregularity of the ball and socket hip joint while the latter refers to unstable kneecaps that pop in and out. Devon Rex cats also suffer from heart disease that is usually hereditary or secondary to a hyperactive thyroid gland. Predominantly white cats can experience deafness. The breed is susceptible to vitamin-K dependent clotting disorders, hereditary hypotrichosis or baldness, and myopathy. Myopathy is a muscular disorder.

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