How to Groom a Cat

Cats are known as self-groomers. However, as a cat owner, there are some risks to relying on your cat to fully groom themselves. For instance, cleaning their own fur is normal, however, it makes them vulnerable to ingesting too much hair. Also, self-grooming doesn’t help if your cat gets a sticky or smelly substance in its fur.

Therefore, it’s important to take some initiative and learn to groom your cat properly. Here’s a list of simple grooming tips to keep your cat healthy and clean.

How to Brush a Cat?

If done properly, even your cat will enjoy being brushed. The key to successfully brushing your cat is to use gentle strokes. You’ll want to include their entire body. By regularly brushing your cat, you’re less likely to have cat hair laying around.

This is especially beneficial for allergy sufferers. Aim for brushing your cat’s fur at least twice a week.

grooming a cat with brush

How to Trim Cat Nails?

When a cat’s nails grow too long, they become sharp enough to injure themselves and others. If they cut themselves, the open wound can get infected before you realize it. Trimmed nails are also great for maintaining your furniture and keeping your cat from getting trapped in the carpet.

It’s recommended that you buy a specialized pair of nail trimmers that are designed for trimming a cat’s nails. There are many options to choose from and you might find a varying degree of success with any one option.

Depending on your approach, your cat may or may not be apprehensive about the process. Kittens with nail trimming experience usually have an easier time cooperating. When you do try clipping a cat’s nails, pay attention to potential signs of your cat being uncomfortable. For example, if their ears are folded back or they seem tense, it’s not a good time to try. Instead, gently touch your cat’s paws. When they’re comfortable enough, use cat clippers to trim their claws.

The most important rule is to avoid cutting the quick which is the pink part of the nail. If you cut the quick, it will be painful to the cat and result in bleeding. It might also be a traumatizing experience that will make it harder for you to trim your cat’s claws the next time around. This is why it’s important to have a calm relaxed cat than one that fights you while you attempt to clip each nail. It all just increases the risk that you will hit the quick.

cutting a cat's claws

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How to Clean Cat Ears?

Felines have very sensitive ears, which is why they’re able to hear so well. Sometimes, their ears are neglected during the cleaning process, which makes them vulnerable to infection. So, inner and outer ear inspections every week are a good idea.

When it comes to cleaning your cat’s ears, you never want to use soap and water. Instead, speak to a veterinarian about liquid ear cleaner. Apply this cleaner to a cotton swab and gently wipe away debris and wax. Be sure you don’t get liquid into the canal or you can cause irritation or infection.

vet cleaning a cat's ears

How to Brush Cat Teeth?

Just like humans, cats need healthy teeth and gums. If your cat has bad breath, swollen gums with red lines, or loose or broken teeth, these are all causes for concern. In fact, even one of the previously mentioned signs is worth talking to your vet about. If left unchecked, your cat can develop serious health conditions including kidney disease.

To avoid these oral problems, you need to regularly brush your cat’s teeth. All you need is a cotton ball, a toothbrush, and toothpaste specifically designed for felines. There’s also a finger toothbrush you can use. In addition to regular brushing, chew toys are another way to keep your feline’s teeth healthy and clean.

brushing a cat's teeth

How to Bathe a Cat?

Bathing your cat can be a challenge, especially if your cat doesn’t like water. Before putting them in the water, brushing their fur gets rid of matted fur. Place a towel at the bottom of the tub and fill it with a couple of inches of warm water. Using a cat shampoo and a rag, gently soap and rinse down your cat. Pat dry your cat before allowing them to air dry.

In extreme cases, you can also invest in cleansing wipes and dry cat shampoo. Also, it helps to speak calmly while bathing them.

cat getting a bath

Although cats groom themselves, owners should also invest in their hygiene. With the right tools, patience, and a tender touch, you can keep your cat healthy.