How to Take Care of Scottish Fold Kittens

The Scottish fold cat is a cat that is easily adaptable. They are fantastic with other pets most times, and can easily interact with children. They are great at getting along with others as well. Additionally, they get attached very well to the people caring for them, so if you want a cat that gets easily attached to its owner, this is the cat for you.

How Much is a Scottish Fold?

A Scottish fold cat can vary steeply in price, depending on where you get the cat from. A cat from a shelter will simply be required to pay a shelter’s fee. Shelter fees can range from $25 to $100+. Always look into whatever potential shelter you might use to ensure you’re adopting from a reputable shelter.

If you purchase one from a breeder, the costs could be anywhere from $1,000-$2,000. If you are getting a cat from a breeder, take the time to make sure that you are properly doing your research on what breeder is best to use for your animal.

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Specific Cat Notes

The breed needs playtime. Those considering getting this cat needs to be sure that they can have the allotted playtime to have the cat be active each day, as to avoid potential problems down the line.

Make sure you are careful when touching the tale of this breed, as they can develop stiffness. Mishandling the cat’s tail can lead to serious injuries, so make sure any guests you may have are aware of how to interact with the animal.

The diet of the breed is that it needs to be very well-maintained. People who are considering the breed of this cat need to ensure that they pay close attention to the diet.

As always, talk to your vet about specific needs related to the animal. The vet will be able to recommend something for you and help you get the animal’s needs met. It is recommended that many cats get a steady diet of wet food with some dry food mixed in.

Are Scottish Fold Cats Healthy?

The cat may have specific issues related to its bones, tails, and ears. Work with your vet to learn what to avoid when playing and interacting with this breed. The best thing that you can do is ensure that you are actively taking precautions to ensure daily play with this breed.

Overall Notes

Overall, this breed is a fun-loving pet that will be great for you and your family. The breed may face health conditions if you do not follow the recommendations with the breed, so be sure to do your research before adopting this animal. However, they do have a lot of positives as well, such as being great animals for family members of all ages.

Once you’ve learned about a Scottish fold cat, you’ll learn that the breeds are amazingly fun-loving and adorable, and they’d love to be in your home as a pet owner if you think it’s the right breed for you!


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