Do Blue Nose Pit Bulls Make Good Family Pets?

A dog is a wonderful pet for all the family. Loyal, protective, and fun, no matter the type of dog you have you are guaranteed to get many years of love and affection out of your canine friend. Dogs do need attention – you’ll have to take it for walks or give it enough outdoor space to exercise – but that attention is returned to you, the owner. There’s little to match a dog as a family pet, and that’s why they are among the most popular choice of animal for the home.

The only difficulty is what type of dog to get. People in smaller homes have a choice of small breeds that are perfect for company, while those who like larger dogs may find there is plenty of choice in popular breeds such as the Labrador, collies, and German Shepherd Dogs – each of which is an excellent family pet.

However, there’s one breed that is becoming more popular, even though many people still believe it doesn’t make a good family pet: the Pit Bull Terrier, or more precisely the very attractive Blue Nose Pit Bull that we are talking about here. What is the problem with Pit Bulls? If you want to read more about the breed you can do so at that link, but in fact, there is no problem! Let’s talk more about these lovely dogs.

About Pit Bulls

Like most dogs, Blue Nose Pit Bulls are intelligent animals

The Pit Bull is a good-natured dog, albeit a powerful one. This breed may not be especially large but what they lack in size they make up for in stance and bulk. Muscly and with a broad body, a Pit Bull that has been trained to fight is a dangerous animal; one that has been bred as a pet is a loving, loyal, and friendly creature that will be great with your family, with other people, and – if socialized properly at an early age – also with other dogs, although you need to take great care in this instance.

The image of the Pit Bull as a vicious and untrustworthy animal is false. This is a dog that you will enjoy having about the home. So, now we have that cleared up, what’s special about the Blue Nose Pit Bull, and why is this the dog you want?

Why Blue Nose?

The Blue Nose Pit Bull is a variety of the breed distinguished by, yes, it’s blue nose! Be aware that this is simply a color variation. There is no difference in temperament and character between a Blue Nose and other Pit Bulls. They are simply a more attractive color, and less common than the usual. A breeder will ask more money for a Blue Nose than for a standard dog. This is to be expected as they are less commonplace and sought after. If it’s a Blue Nose you want then you will have to wait, as it is not guaranteed that a litter will include one.

If it’s a Pit Bull Terrier you want, they are plentiful, and a Blue Nose is no different in temperament. However, it is genetically different, and this may pose a problem. The blue is caused by what is known as a ‘recessive gene’. Most Pit Bulls – and indeed most dogs – will have a black gene that determines the color of the nose as black. In the Blue Nose, the gene is blue, but it’s just the color it changes. The recessive gene can also influence the health of the dog.

Blue Nose Pit Bulls are more susceptible to problems with the skin and coat – alopecia is frequently reported in Blue Nose dogs, and mange too – than the Black Nose variety, and this is down to the recessive gene. It is not a certainty that your dog will suffer, but it is something to be taken into consideration if you are set on owning a Blue Nose Pit Bull.

So, now you know a bit more about these lovely dogs, how do you go about finding one? There are two main methods of finding the right dog so let’s have a look at them.

Choosing Your Blue Nose Pit Bull

The two main options you have are as follows: find a reputable Pit Bull breeder or visit a dog shelter. We suggest that you browse dog forums and pages on the internet for other owners, who may recommend (or otherwise) a breeder. Be aware that no breeder can guarantee a Blue Nose will be in a litter as it is a genetic anomaly, so any that insist they can be avoided. If you are set on a Blue Nose, as we said above you will have to wait.

A dog shelter is the alternative choice and has its benefits as well as its drawbacks. You may find a Blue Nose Pit Bull in a shelter as many people buy such dogs and then find they cannot meet the needs of exercise, training, and general upkeep. The Pit Bull is a dog that will need a lot of exercise and care, so be aware. A good shelter will have done its best to find out about a dog’s past, but sometimes it can be difficult to do so, hence you are taking a chance.

If you’re willing to wait until the right dog comes along then a Blue Nose Pit Bull is a great choice for a fun, loyal and energetic family dog, but make sure you’re ready for the work that lies ahead, and you will be suitably rewarded.