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Whether you have an animal emergency or are looking to get your pet an annual checkup, our comprehensive directory of veterinarians contains the contact information on thousands of vets from all across the United States. You can search by state and narrow it down by the county you live in.

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Animal Shelters

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There are thousands or animal shelters and pet rescue centers that have countless numbers of adoptable animals in their care. While dogs and cats are the most common, it's not entirely uncommon to find rabbits, guinea pigs or other small animals. Search our directory to locate a pet adoption shelter near you.

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Caring for Your Pets

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One of the biggest mistakes first-time pet owners make is to bring home their new friend without first researching how to take care for said animal. Even if all the needed accessories are purchased, one still needs to know proper care and any routine maintenance. But no worries if this sounds like you, start with our care guides.

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